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  • Sound quality They sound great when you are in a quite room. You can't hear them on an airplane at all. good
  • Design and form factor Cool vintage look good
  • Comfort I would prefer over the ear. My ears get hot after a hour or so so-so
  • Noise isolation No comments
  • Durability No comments good
Detailed review
I got these to replace my beats by dre studio headphones. My reasoning seemed good at the time, however I do regret the move. I used to fly with my beats and they were great! These don't make good airplane headphones at all, simply not what they are made for. As well when walking around the cord is to long to use from iphone and have in your pocket, it gets in the way.

I love the sound but these now live at my desk at work and never move. Still looking for something that sounds great, isolates noise, works with iphones, and is not on everyone's head.