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  • Sound quality For the price you'd be very hard pressed to find a set of "cans" that sound better. great!
  • Design and form factor No comments good
  • Comfort People sometimes complain about the fit. If you bend the headband flat slightly it crushes your head yet and they're very comfy. good
  • Noise isolation Grado's are "open" phones. So everyone can hear what you're listening to and you'll be able to hear them too assuming you're blasting your eardrums out. so-so
  • Durability The damned headband. The phones themselves are great, but the headband doesn't hold up. so-so
Detailed review
Ah, Grado SR-60s. These are my second pair and I've also had a pair of SR-80s back in the day as well. They are some of my favorite phones of all time. They're comfortable once you stretch out the top headband and their sound for their price is potentially mind-blowing. I have more expensive IEMs and an impressive home stereo system I put together but much of the time I'm listening to music with these guys. I certainly recommend them at their price point.

The negatives? They won't stand outright abuse and eventually they'll give up the ghost and need replacement. Sure, all headphones do that but Grado's do it slightly earlier than I think they should. I attribute much of that to the headband which I think the weak point for these phones. The headband is really cheap but its other problem is that it lets the individual phones rotate which twists up the connection between the phone and cable. Both of my previous Grado's went in out when one of the phones just stopped playing because the connection to the cable gave out. I could probably re-solder the cable but I'm not sure its worth that. By that time the ear pads are in need of replacement and whatnot. My understanding is you can send them back to Grado for repair. I've never done that but I might try when these are due for work. I keep looking for a good 3rd party headband replacement. Entrepreneurs - this has kickstarter project written all over it.

Bottom line, even if the phones give out in 2-3 years in the meantime the sound is beautiful and balanced. Plus everyone around you gets to jam out to your tunes and that 1950s Radio Operator look gets all the girls.