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  • Sound quality No comments great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
  • Comfort No comments good
  • Noise isolation No comments
  • Durability When I'm moving around a lot, the right assembly can fall off of the headband. so-so
Detailed review
I still remember the first time I put these on. The sound quality was like a breath of fresh air. Listening to these cans is nothing less than an absolute pleasure. I had my expectations after hearing that they had reigned as the best cans under $100 since the early 90s, but even my expectations weren't high enough.

They really shine around the mid-range, and you'll hear things in the high end that you may have never recognized before, and the low-range is pleasing, providing you with bass better than any headphones at the same price or lower.

On the downside, wearing them for hours will definitely put a negative spin on your mood, though getting the earpads from one of Grado's higher-end phones might fix that. Furthermore, the point where the headband is mounted to the headphone assembly can potentiailly weaken if you move around too much.

All of that aside, if your looking into some serious quality sound, these are a good intro to the new audiophile.