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  • Sound quality Very good sound quality at the price range. Especially since they do not require a preamp. good
  • Design and form factor The SR60i is not a modern design. While ordinarily bulky, they fold flat. poor
  • Comfort The SR60i is relatively lightweight, but the foam earpads insulate heat and can be uncomfortable during long listening sessions. so-so
  • Noise isolation The open design of the headphones offer basically no noise isolation. awful!
  • Durability A lot of plastic is used in the construction of the SR60i. The foam earpads are also known to dry out. so-so
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The SR60i headphones have major shortcomings: they are flimsy, and they have no noise isolation. But they excel at in-home listening, especially on portable devices. They offer immersive sound quality without pre-amps or adapters (thanks to the 3.5mm headphone jack). The SR60i, then, are affordable and convenient cans for casual listening. They also happen to be some of the few headphones made in the US.
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