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First off, let me state a bias up front: I think bulky on ear headphones are totally 80's and DORKY looking. That said you don't get the same ear fatigue I do from my Ultimate Ears in-ear type. And if you want to rock out in the privacy of your own room/home and plan to listen for hours, then this is the pair for the task. The sound quality is excellent, especially considering I bought these for around $85 a couple years back. Mine weren't designated with the "i" so might be slightly different but I bet mostly the same. Do not spend what some sites are asking for them. Get the SR60s if still offered and you'll be happy to save a few dollars and get great sound. The construction is durable, but feels down right retro. But no worries since they'll be on your head and (this is important) you'll be ALONE. Do not wear these in public. Please.