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  • Sound quality The sound is really awesome, and spatialization is very well made. I forgot several times the sound was coming out from headphones! great!
  • Design and form factor The SR60i doesn't look bad, but it's not awesome either. It's quite massive in my opinion. so-so
  • Comfort I wear glasses, and keeping some headsets on is a real pain. However, I can keep the SR60i for 2 hours without feeling any pain. It's fairly comfortable. good
  • Noise isolation These are open headphones, so it's no surprise the isolation is poor, or even nonexistent. Still, the amazing sound quality makes up for some isolation issues. poor
  • Durability The right headphone detached itself from the metallic frame after a single travel in an empty bag... Probably because it wasn't well attached to the frame. so-so
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Unfortunately, the SR60i's price is significantly higher in Europe than in the US (expect to pay about €110 in France, and if you try to import it you may pay the same price in fine because of the customs), but it's definitely worth the money. It's the first time I put some money in headphones with the prospect of enjoying a good sound quality at home.

Of course, it's quite massive so don't think you'll easily be able to take them everywhere with you. But still, the sound quality is great and you'll be able to fully enjoy your music without distubring your neighbors.

My only complaint is that it's not amazingly comfortable if you're wearing glasses, and you may feel some pain after a few hours.

I definitely recommend the Grado SR60i to people who want to enjoy music at home without ruining themselves. It's really a great device. HOWEVER, it doesn't look like it was made for nomad audio listening, as it isn't very robust; so if you wanted to take them with you everywhere (which would be weird, given its massive size, and givent the long and thick Jack cord), you may want to reconsider your choice.
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