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[T]he SR80is have a serious point. And that point is how they sound – sharply timed, awesomely detailed, musical, natural and – with the right recordings – simply beautiful. Don't take them on the train with you: the person next to you will hear every single note, and, let's face it, not everyone likes Michael Buble. But, for home listening where it won't bother the spouse, the SR80is are simply a stupendous buy. quote

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CNET Jun 22, 2012

The bottom line: The Grado SR80i headphones are a great budget pair that offer sparkling sound with tight bass and are best suited to home use.

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Home Theater Review May 11, 2009

It has a smooth, natural tonal balance with excellent, but not overly exaggerated, bass extension. The stereo imaging is accurate and immersive and, at $99 suggested retail, it offers outstanding value for the money.

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freylerty freylerty

These cans were recommended to me by an uber-audiophile. I have the SR80i and they sound bright and rich, but won't tire your ears/brain after a full day of use. If you're used to using low end headphones, or bass heavy headphones like Bose - you will hear things in your music...

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njfairbanks njfairbanks

Awesome headphone. Top-notch sound and a really affordable price. No sound isolation to speak of but that's just the nature of open-back headphones. That same nature gives the SR-80's a very open, airy feel. Only downsides; not very comfortable for long listening sessions, also, build quality...

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Antoine Antoine

A Great headphone that delivers on its promise of offering the best sound at an affordable price! The design is definitely "engaged" but should suit anyone who loves the retro feel. Note that this headphone is built on an open design, meaning that it leaks sounds like there's no tomorrow....

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Alondite Alondite

The Grado sound can be fun, but eventually you get sick of the coloration an want something a bit more natural-sounding. Still, these are good for the price and a good entry-level headphone. Great for modders, too.

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wsatia wsatia

For the price the SR80 is hard to beat, but do give it a spin before buying if possible. Bassheads should look away cause the SR80 simply doesn't have much bass. Vocals sound good on them though. Noise isolation is one of the main issues, but if you're well aware of them before purchase and are...

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Monkeyscribe Monkeyscribe

These headphones are all about maximizing performance for minimum cash. The sound is great (unbelievable for the price) throughout the range. If you don't want to spend more than $100 for headphones, couldn't care less about looks, don't care if the person at the next desk will be able to...

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Extremely high quality sound for the price - its a pleasure to listen to just about anything through these guys. The design doesn't offend, though its quite old school. The materials are of decent quality, its just that they feel like they could get damaged pretty easily - part of the slim, basic...

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rgduarte rgduarte

Fantastic value! I like ONLY open back headphones. And I don't like heavy bass. If that's what you're looking and you don't want to spend $400 to get it, then these are the headphones for you.

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