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JaredTheGeek JaredTheGeek

I ordered the HP Mini 311 over two weeks ago as a CTO unit form, gotta love the two year warranty and the no restocking fee and 90 return policy. I had previously purchased an HP Mini 110 which this is replacing. I ordered the 311 with the 1.66 Atom for the faster frontside bus, the...

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maffoo maffoo

I bought the quick-ship version of the 311 with WIndows 7 Home Premium, 2GB of RAM, 250GB HD, and the full ION chipset. This was my third netbook, so I was pretty well accustomed to the limitations of the Atom CPU, but I was willing to pay a premium to overcome at least a couple: screen size and...

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Neel Neel

I was very happy to find how well this thing handled video on it's 16:9 HD screen. 720p and 1080p files played without a problem, except when you try to do anything else at the same time. Given the very weak atom CPU (2.3 W7 rating), you are often relegated to one heavy task at a time....

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