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First Looks

product preview
Engadget Sep 19, 2013

As you've no doubt already guessed, the Slate 8 Pro is an 8-inch tablet -- the first HP has ever made. In particular, with a 7.98-inch display and a 4:3 aspect ratio, it's just about the same size as the iPad mini. All told, it's the closest thing to a flagship of the tablets listed here.

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product preview
CNET Sep 19, 2013

To be sure, the pearly white matte finish does give the device a high-end luxurious feel that is perfectly accented by the Beats Audio-inspired red trimming. Navigating between apps was smooth, with little lag time and the tablet quickly responded to touch. Text and video on the screen looked sharp...

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product preview
Laptop Magazine Sep 19, 2013

... the Slate 8 Pro is quite the looker with its white rear panel and siding with red accents around the rear camera and bottom-mounted speakers ... it felt a little bulky as we handled the device. Still, the Slate 8 Pro responded quickly as we navigated home screens and launched the few apps...

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