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As the resident Apple fanboy, I felt the need to ensure that my passion was defensible and not born out of ignorance (as so many anti-Apple opinions are), so I grabbed a Touchpad from a co-worker for $170. Add that to a few weeks working with Android, Windows Phone7, and of course years with iOS and I can say with certainty that my positions are well informed...

WebOS is full of potential, with the only UI that approaches the elegance and design cohesiveness of IOS, and which brings some fresh ideas to the table. The cards system and gesture management are great, and the centralized account integration is superb. It falls apart on the lack of performance, applications, and polish.

The biggest problem is the lag in responsiveness that pervades the experience. On an iPad, you FEEL like you are directly manipulating physical objects via touch..no other platform, Android included, has yet nailed the performance of hardware/UI to that degree. It's subtle, but noticeable and distracts from the use experience.

the lack of applications makes the Touchpad a good browsing device but it feels single-purpose, while my iPad feels like a whole world of options. Even finding a good RSS reader is not easy on WebOS.

my hope would be to see Amazon scoop up WebOS and finish it, but it looks like they're entering the Android race.

Android reminds me of Windows 3.0, a rip-off of Apple's ideas, with a handful of fresh ideas, done in a scattered, ugly, unrefined yet unfettered, unrestricted, and geeky way. WebOS is an inspired attempt to move past Apple's ideas, but falls short on implmentation. Windows phone 7 is like Linux...marginalized by 2 giants.

after a few days of use I am confidently, comfortably and content in the Apple camp. If you notice misspellings, its because I'm typing this on an unresponsive Touchpad with an infuriating keyboard.