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by xVxM4tthewxVx

Your Favorite Mobile OS?
The mobile phone market is huge, with phones varying in size and shape. And each phone has a little something about it that everybody likes. But you wouldn't be able to do anything on that phone without an OS. There are so many mobile OSs out right now. Each OS has something Special, and i want to know what your favorite features on those OSs are. Is there anything thats missing in the OS. Want a new feature?
Post your ideas in the comments!
Be sure to check the Product tags above for a list of...

by langevine

webos - onward
I purchased the HP Touchpad as soon as it was released. I am very satisfied with the unit. However, it is obvious HP has abandoned a good product and I must move on.
Is SURFACE the way to to the future or is Android the path to follow?

by Nintendubus

Was It Actually Google That Ended Up Acquiring Palm?
Yesterday's news that six senior Enyo engineers had left HP to join Google fell like Rome in the webOS community. Enyo is the open-source application framework that HP's team is building in preparation for the launch of Open webOS later this year.
It's clear that the biggest winner in the fall of Palm was Google. Importantly, they snagged the father of webOS, Matias Duarte. Nokia and Microsoft scored some top Palm staffers as well. HP, as we all know, squandered the rest of the company's efforts.... Read more →

by Mitchellmckenna

TouchPad webOS Preware Patches Not Working After System Update - Fix
If you've received the latest TouchPad update 3.0.5 and you had any patches installed you might have noticed them not working. They are installed, but unless the package has been updated since the system update, it's not actually doing anything. This has happened in previous system updates. This happens because all the Preware feeds change because they have the OS version number on the end, the feeds get updated and until the patch maintainer updates the patch to the new feed, the patch doesn't... Read more →

by cass

Why haven't you bought a Windows Phone yet?
I just read this article on the NY Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/08/technology/micr... about how Windows Phone is critically a hit, but I think it's also a "hit" with consumers too. I have a Zune HD and I think it's the best media player on the market and always enjoyed using Windows Phone in the couple of instances where I got to test them out. I also know a few (very few) Windows Phone owners that love it and seen others been... Read more →

by peter

Four reasons why open sourcing webOS won't be enough to save it
HP finally revealed the fate of webOS last week, announcing plans to open source the orphaned mobile OS rather than sell it to someone else or simply abandon it. As a fan of the open source model I was pleased to hear this -- it would have been a shame to let webOS die -- but I'm also realistic that opening it up isn't going to suddenly resurrect the OS and put it right back into contention alongside iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
Here are four reasons why I think it's going to be an uphill... Read more →

by aaron

HP is making webOS open-source
Just moments ago at an all-hands meeting, HP CEO Meg Whitman announced that the company will be open-sourcing webOS. Not just the Enyo app development framework — the actual underlying operating system!
No hardware partners to announce right now, but this means any interested smartphone or tablet manufacturer can pick up webOS and run with it. I think this is a bold move and a great outcome; it would have been a real shame if they killed... Read more →

by aaron

Has the webOS 3.0.4 software update improved your TouchPad experience?
It doesn't seem like the higher-ups at HP are quite sure of what they're doing right now, but it's nice to see that webOS software engineers haven't been sitting around idle. Earlier this month, HP released a completely rebuilt Maps app for webOS phones, which actually held a bigger surprise — it brought support for their fancy Enyo application framework (used on the TouchPad and Pre3) to all of their old devices, even first-gen Pre and Pixi phones running webOS 1.4.5.
Today HP released webOS... Read more →

by aaron

Is Amazon buying Palm?
Here we go again! According to VentureBeat, Amazon is currently in negotiations with HP to snap up the former webOS Global Business Unit.
I've always wondered if Amazon would be at all interested in webOS as they continue to ship their own devices — especially with former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein serving on their board.
I think Amazon has proven that they're quite capable of producing their own hardware, software, and ecosystem, so I'm not exactly... Read more →

by DanJ

Windows 8 Metro vs. webOS - How is Microsoft so far behind?
I have been playing around with the developers preview of Windows 8 this week, and am pretty amazed at how Metro is so far behind features that have been in the mobile webOS for years. These differences are especially bad considering that Windows 8 is meant to be put on large screens, and full powered desktop processors.
1. Windows Management
Multitasking is something that webOS has long been praised for, and to this day, I think its "card" paradigm is still by far the best multitasking UI of any... Read more →

by aaron

Palm post mortem: what could have been
For those of you who are still following all of the webOS news, I thought I'd share what I know about how things have been going at HP since the announcement, and shed some light on a few projects that never came to be. Some of the information below comes from friends who work in the webOS Global Business Unit, née Palm. I've always been enthused about the potential of webOS, so with HP ditching all of its plans for webOS hardware, I was eager to pry some more details out of these people. Some... Read more →

by dave

HP tested webOS on an iPad 2
This is kind of amusing (and sad, from a hardware standpoint) -- it looks like engineers at HP / Palm created a special build of webOS and were able to run it on the iPad 2. Despite the TouchPad having similarly spec'd hardware, webOS apparently ran "twice as fast" on the iPad 2. The Next Web reports that, "the hardware reportedly stopped the team from innovating beyond certain points because it was slow and imposed constraints, which was highlighted when webOS was loaded on to Apple’s iPad... Read more →

by cass

HP TouchPad will be available on July 1st starting at $499 for the 16GB version. Does it have a chance in the tablet market?
HP/Palm just posted up on their blog that the TouchPad is coming out on July 1st in the US and UK, Ireland, France and Germany a few days later. You can pre-order on June 19th. Pricing will be $499 for the 16GB version and $599 for the 32GB version. So with this new information, do you think the Touchpad has a chance in the market? I was really hoping that they would undercut the iPad. Spec wise, the Touchpad and iPad are pretty evenly matched, but the TouchPad still doesn't have the apps,... Read more →

by skyman375

Windows 8 and HTML5 Apps - empowering the competition?
Doesn't it seem dangerous for Microsoft to pursue an HTML5 strategy for Windows 8 Apps? First, I'll assume that they will run only in IE10, which will probably be backward compatible to Win7, eliminating a compelling reason to upgrade to Win8 in the first place. just run IE10 fullscreen. Second, if Windows developers begin to shift away from traditional Windows-native applications toward HTML5, doesn't that empower Chrome OS, iOS, Android, and even webOS at the same time (in fact, this whole... Read more →

by Mickykitsune

Lessons that need to be learned from the mobile devices market
Looking around at how the smartphone & mobile market has been developing over the last few years, i think there are a few things Palm/HP (hereafter referred to as Palm) need to learn from and pay attention to. 1. Carrier Involvement Apart from some basic configuration (eg. radio and proxy settings, carrier service numbers in the address book) and maybe carrier specific bundled apps (ick..), carriers should be kept away from any other customisation on the device. All the carriers should do is... Read more →