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by Kanogul

Has the term "Smart Phone" run its course?
No one would question that smart phones have become ubiquitous in the modern age. People who barely understand how Microsoft Word works have fairly high-tech devices in their pockets, and while not everyone who owns a smart phone uses it to its full potential, they still use it. But what do they use it for?
Take a look around a restaurant or a store, and you will see a significant percentage of the people there with their eyes glued to their phones. Are they dialing a number or checking their... Read more →

by deanduck

Very annoying bug - when opening the SMS app and tapping on a contact to view their message history, at least twice a day a completely random contact's…
message history opens instead of the person you tapped on. It happened on my HTC Hero, and happens on the Desire - I don't understand why they can't fix it. Apart from that I kinda love this phone (aside from the frustrating limitation on number of apps you can install, which is Google's fault).

by amh15

Got my FroYo update on Sunday and have found some WiFi problems.
I find that WiFi sometimes gets itself into a mess and cycles on/off quickly (you can watch the widget change colour and the same applies to the settings screen). Reboot fixes it. I only get this once every couple of days but it's a bit annoying. It seems others have worse issues with WiFi though. Also Google Listen has occasionally been pausing just for a moment as if the phone (or memory card) has run out of audio buffer for 0.1 seconds or so. The wifi tethering is cute but I'm not... Read more →

by davomrmac

I originally got the HTC Desire to review (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghRFtDD4t9M) but found that I liked it so much that it has become my actual phone.
The UI of Android is so good now that it allows me to get my work done, with the use of some great apps. I found in comparison, the iPhone is/was superb, but too distracting with the little games and utilities that ended up burning my spare time.

by pula

Great phone but looses out completely due to lack of language support for right to left languages used in the middle east and some of the Asian languages…
(Hindi, Parsi etc). Disgrace that in 2010 a product which claims tobe universaland is competingto become the leading OS for mobile phonesand other gadgets can't get this right - See support in Windows and on the iPhone DO NOT Buy as you may get annoying squares if anybody uses an unsupported on a web site, SMS, e-mail or other textual programs. Get withit GOOGLE Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and the othet languauges are here to stay and form a big piece of the market

by JasonTsay

it seems like every US carrier now has a hero/magic based device and a nexus one/desire based device (verizon has droid incredible and droid eris, tmobile has…
the mytouch 3g and nexus one, at&t has the nexus one and sprint has the hero and EVO 4G - i know the EVO isnt nexus one based but it was what sprint used to replace its potential nexus one)

by Refwhett

Had mine for 2 days now and I must say I am in love with this phone. I am not one to write a review, but everything is great. It's fast and responsive.
I was worried about the touch keyboard, but it works perfectly. The screen is amazing and the options of what it can do are incredible for one coming for an PDA+ dumbphone combo. (although I miss PalmOS PIM). My question is: is there anyone out there using some kind of screen protection? wjat kind. I dont'really like cases and was considering InvisibleShield from Zagg which I have used on some mp3 player and the like, but never on a touch screen. Will it ruin the screens responsivness?...

by skynet

Help save me from walled garden of Apple - I am looking at getting the HTC Desire as it will come to Australia on the 27th of April.
Before I make the switch I need to clarify what apps I can use to get me up and running. The following are the apps I really need :- -I need to replace iTunes, I need to download and store ( not streaming ) video podcasts eg BOL, TWIT etc. -Ebook reader -A program like Quickoffice that syncs to google Docs and Dropbox -Flickr app -good alarm clock Many thanks

by DavidDB

I Desired it MUCH ...
And I want it NOW After a fleeting visit to 3 store Newport, I asked "what's new on Android" .. as you do, the sales assistant a plunged a Sony Saito in my hand and assured me its exactly what I wanted, I escaped to in intended destination T-Mobile Newport to lay my hands on my object of desire. I went prepaired to the T-Mobile UK Store in Newport with a wad of Cash - My transfer Codes and Identity hopeing to Sign up for the most anticipated new phone in years "No - You... Read more →