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by dave

Extrapolating the screen size of Android mobile phones over time.
Abstract: The latest Android mobile phone under Google's flagship phone line, the Nexus family, currently has a diagonal screen size of 4.65 inches (118.1mm). This follows a trend that Google started with the HTC Dream / T-Mobile G1 -- their first Android flagship phone. Released in 2008, it had a diagonal screen size of only 3.2 inches (81.3mm). Since then, screen sizes in Google's Nexus line have grown at an average rate of 0.48 inches (12.2mm) per year.
I. Introduction
In 2008, HTC released the... Read more →

by Sweed

Anybody notice that this phone has been in a fair amount of movies recently (despite being 2 years old)?
I recent memory, Ashton Kutcher had it in "Killers" and There were 2 of them in the movie "Dinner for shmucks"(sp?) where the 2 main characters accidentally mixed up their phone. I just thought it was kind of interesting. Can't wait to upgrade from this old device to a more powerful android device, maybe the G2

by TuxOtaku

I take back everything positive I ever said about this phone.
In the few months I have had it, I have had to factory restore it about 10 times, and it is now sitting bricked on my kitchen counter. I have not tried to mod or jailbreak or root the phone in any way...and yet it is passed on! This phone is no more! It has ceased to be! it`s expired and gone to meet its maker! it's shuffled off it`s mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! THIS IS AN EX-PHONE!!

by Dpmt

Well my phone stopped connecting to T-Mobile today, I was unable to recive phone calls and could not connect to data.
I call them (T-Mobile's customer service is awesome) and after trying out my G1 and that not working ether, they say its probably the SIM card. I'm going to a T-Mobile store soon to get a new one. Wish me luck guys! Has anybody heard of this happening before? Is it something about the N900 or the fact that the SIM has moved between phones? Because all that seems insane to me.

by somas1

Since getting a Nexus One I have relegated my G1 as a VOIP only phone
I got a Nexus One last month and have been using a (now presumably abandoned) gizmo5 app on my G1 called Guava, http://gizmo5.com/guava.html?loc=guava Guava is derived from an open source android Voip/SIP app called SIPDroid: http://sipdroid.org/ I use Guava because it is extremely easy to setup and use with Google Voice and allows me to make and receive VOIP calls with decent quality over WIFI. I've tried SIPDroid but found it a bit confusing to setup. Are any G1 owners using their G1s... Read more →

by KevinLWright

Can't upgrade to 2.1? Rodgers will give you a MyTouch for free!
Rodgers has decided that if you are a dream owner who wishes to upgrade to 2.1 that they will give you a Magic for free. Due to the Dreams incompatibility with 2.1 Rodgers, for a change of pace, has decided time do something nice and give Dream users a Magic for no additional cost. It's great to sea someone making a move like this. With Android's constantly hanging OS it is inevitable that phones will cease to be compatible. Though the Magic may be a little dated still, it's a great... Read more →

by luckybob343

3G question
With the rumors of Project Black being a "game changer" from T-Mobile, one of the key components is a high-bandwidth 3G upgrade and rollout, to the tune of a 21Mbps connection. Are there different standards for 3G as it relates to radios within phones? To ask another way, if my G1 is 3G capable (which it is, if I remember correctly) will I be able to take advantage of this higher-speed 3G network?