April 4th 2012 8:35 am


by marc

Is it time to consider a Sprint 4G smartphone?
We've scored a number of 4G LTE phones over the past few months, and for those on Sprint's network, we've felt compelled to add a warning that, until the company beefed up its LTE network, most buyers were probably better off with other options. After all, is it worth paying an on-contract price of $200 or more for an LTE-capable phone if you'll have limited access to a 4G -- or even 3G -- data network?
Today, however, Sprint announced that... Read more →

by michaeldunbarNJ

Sprint Data Speeds are dismal at best
Avoid this phone until Sprint actually has a network that can compete with AT&T and Verizon. My roommate has the old EVO which is 3G in NYC, he hates it but only because Sprint's data network is horrid. Unlimited or not, it can't compare to other similar phones offered for the same price on other carriers, even T Mobile is better.

by Nintendubus

Are We Over Plastic Smartphones?
There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S III has an impressive spec sheet. Even though the phone doesn't bring much new to the table, it appears that it will be competing with HTC's One X for the throne atop the Android mountain. One part of Samsung's new device has me less than impressed though.
The device is a totally plastic, wholly generic, typically Samsung design. In the age of One S, X, Lumia 900, and the iPhone 4S, the look and feel of the Galaxy S III is out of step. Build quality... Read more →

by th3l0n3r4ng3r

Where is the option to turn "4G" on/off
So, LTE is not 4G, per ITU.. that out of the way. I'm coming from a Nexus S 4G. The Nexus S had a 4G on/off widget for WIMAX. This phone is LTE, but I can't find the option to turn it on/off. Since Sprint doesn't currently have LTE functional, is the option not there for people? I have some untraining to do. I used to have a HTC phone, then went to Nexus and I'm back to HTC. Many men options are different, and some options, like to see wireless networks all under "wireless networks" heading are...

by frankspin

The HTC Evo 4G LTE is being held at customs and will miss its Friday launch date.
AndroidCentral has just posted an article with a statement from Sprint acknowledging that its new flagship device, the HTC Evo 4G LTE, is going to miss its anticipated launch date thanks to a patent dispute with Apple. US Customs is currently holding the Evo 4G LTE, and the AT&T One X, to ensure they do not violate patent any patents. In their statement on the Sprint community forums, Sprint has provided instructions for those who wish to cancel their pre-orders.
If you pre-ordered the Evo 4G... Read more →

by beejreit

Is the screen optically laminated?
The HTC One X from ATT has a beautiful optically laminated screen similar to the iPhone 4's. I haven't found where this phone is the same. I was under the impression that this phone was Sprints version of the HTC One just with the EVO branding as it is a strong brand for Sprint. I would assume it would be the same screen, but from the pictures out there i cannot tell. IMO from the pictures it does not look as good as the One X. Thoughts?

by erichouse8

Can't decide on next sprint phone
I'm up for an upgrade and I can't decide between the HTC EVO LTE and the Galaxy Nexus. The other problem is that my EVO 4G just died on me and now I'm using a palm centro. I have almost walked into a sprint store three times today to pickup the galaxy nexus but i am really liking the specs of the new evo. The pure google and instant updates are some of the features that are swaying me. That and the fact that i can have a new phone right this second instead of having to wait until may...