by kgudrun

Why does the darn glass break so easily on this phone?
I drop my phone a lot when it slips out of my hand. I'm a busy single mom and usually doing more than one thing at a time rushing to get out of the house or get somewhere....I don't like having to pay $75 to get it repaired when I drop it. I can't afford that. I don't think it should break so easily just from being dropped. It's really hard to replace a broken screen if you don't know what you are doing, so I don't recommend trying that. Why is it so fragile?

by krop

Broke the screen on my Evo
Anyone know how I can get my screen fixed on my Evo 4G? I need to wait tell next year and I had hoped that if I did get a new phone I could keep this one for a back up.
I have been looking for some place here in MPLS but I cant find any. Has anyone done this will it work?

by groovechicken

Which Sprint Android phone to settle for?
Well, upgrade time is upon me in just over a week. Now that I have finally given in and purchased SwiftKey X, I can survive without a physical keyboard, so I am focusing more on battery life as my main criteria. The battery life of the EVO is terrible unless using an alternate ROM, which I would prefer to avoid. I know the modding community is full of cool people, but the security paranoid side of me just can't trust running custom ROMs. Unfortunately, Sprint doesn't have any phones that really... Read more →

by groovechicken

Battery getting really weak after only 1 year?
I have had my EVO for just under 1 year. Ever since the Gingerbread update, I have found that it is impossible to get through a day without plugging in (even if I barely use it), with only Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Voice set to auto-sync. Many days, I am plugging in early afternoon. Before the Gingerbread update, I was running CyanogenMod and battery life was awesome. So, I am not sure if I just forgot how bad HTC's ROM drains the battery or if the battery has decreased in capacity without... Read more →

by GadgetMan007

My screen is FUBARed. What's my next move?
I purchased my Evo on launch day and it's been a great device since. Today I was pulling something out of my gym locker and my Evo got knocked out and fell flat on the bench, thus seriously messing up the screen ( http://twitpic.com/5q9ijb ). I know the phone still works because I can call it (and it rings) and I can feel the vibration feedback when I unlock it and press the capacitive buttons. So now I must consider my next option. I need a smartphone for next week so I can't just order a new... Read more →

by groovechicken

Anybody else having battery issues since the 2.3 update?
I have been running CyanogenMod for a while now, but decided to un-root and go back to stock on Friday after the 2.3 update dropped so I could see if they fixed the complaints that sent me to CyanogenMod in the first place. Since then, I can't get through an entire day without plugging in, whereas under CyanogenMod's 2.3, I still had plenty of battery at the end of every day. I've checked and there are no extraneous apps running other than what I expect. This may be the last straw that makes me...

by Scape3d

Does anyone else have issues with streaming (over 3G) from Google Music on Sprint phones?
I have an Evo 4G and I can't seem stream from Google Music properly. When it does work, it's only because I've let the song full buffer before playing. If I try to play the song when it's about halfway buffered, it just won't work. This same thing happens when using Amazon Cloud Player. What's weird is that other services like Pandora, LastFM, TinyShark (GrooveShark) work perfectly. Any ideas?

by SteveoSaurusRex

Does Sprint have True unlimited data? Aka, no small print caps?
T-Mobile's unlimited data throttles you at various degrees (depending if you got the 2gig, 5gig or 10gig plan). I'm assuming (though I'm not sure) that AT&T and Verizon have overage fees for going over some small print limit. Is it true the Sprint doesn't have a data ceiling and that they're customers will never be throttled or receive data overage fees?

by jamesgeeo

How can I record cell phone conversations?
1.) It's legal in my state (single-party consent state). 2.) I have an EVO 4G from Sprint. 3.) Apps that record phone calls that are in the android market don't work for my phone, and a lot of phones. I've looked around, and I've found hardware options that go for $200 dollars that involve a recording device that goes between a wired headset and the phone's headset jack. Is this the best option? Are there other options?

by tront

Why does my Evo keep destroying batteries?
My 4th Evo (no joke) does this cool new thing where after I get a new battery, it lasts about three weeks, and then the phone keeps EATING the battery. I.e. one day it will just refuse to charge, or will just charge up to like 10% and then die. Then I have to go get a new battery. Cool right? Anybody else had this happen? I like this phone when it's working but otherwise it's so terrible.

by tchellomello

Hello guys!! I just watched a video on the internet about the HTC EVO 4 and I got excited to buy this phone.
But my major doubt about it is the EVO4 will work in Brazil?! Actually I live in Brazil (São Paulo) and I'm a customer of Claro (www.claro.com.br). The Claro is working offering 3G (850Mhz) and GSM. Does anybody has unlocked the EVO4 or can I buy the EVO4 unlocked? I just want to have sure if the EVO4 works in Brazil and I'll buy one!! If anybody knows any information, please let me know. Thanks folks