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Detailed review
Well, I must say that it was not a seemless transition from iPhone land to Android land...but it was definately worth the effort, as I now have a phone that does everything i need/want, without the limitations of the iphone...and there has not been a day so far that this phone hasnt done something that made me awestuck. I have had those moments with initial iphone use, but not like this. I will post a ist of me favorite apps so far at the end. First let me say that all the talk about android market not having as many apps as iphone is VERY misleading. I have found that of the apps and functions that I require(which is MANy as im a power user) the choices are vastly superior on the android platform. Where on the iphone there will only be one choice for a particular function there will be 5 or 6 choices for the android phone. Starting off, i did feel a bit like I couldnt find my center of gravity. There was no familiarity of the iphone that you have across every device on the apple side...but once you get used to that, you will find that having choices, and customizability is worth it. Also, I can say that the OS isNOT as polished as the iphone, and you can tell that it is a younger os on little things, but this too is easilly overlooked once you start seeing the power of all these apps, and the power of the hardware driving everything. My jailbroken 3gs would get bogged down running more than 2 or three apps in the background....the nexus one has not slowed down no matter WHAT i throw at it. Also, I have tested tethering, and without rooting the Nexus one, i am tethered right now as i writ this. The google app integration is reason enough to prefer this phone over iphone...also google voice is flawless, and has been working beautifully on this phone. I am starting to see how having a google phone integrates better with google apps. Places, and Goggles are amazing here in nyc. I can say that if you were waiting to make the jump to android, that it is now time. This phone will put your iphone to SHAME. I am truely in love, and im annoying the hell out of all my friends always talking about something new and cool that i found for android. If/when the os gets a little more smoothed out(as iphone did overtime) this 9.0 rating will be a 10. hre are the apps im currently playing with:

-Advanced Task Killer (kills running tasks taking up memory in the background)
-Aloqa (very cool location aware app for finding cool stuff)
-Astro (view folders on your sd card and phone)
-Barcode Scanner (scan barcodes for apps and download immediately)
-BeyondPod (good podcast app, but i like dogcatcher a bit better)
-Compass (a compass)
-Documents to Go (open attachments like pdf's)
-DoggCatcher (amazing self contained podcast downloader, no p.c. required)
-Dolphin Browser (MULTITOUCH pinch and zoom capable browser)
-Finance (google)
-Goggles (google) (AMAZING!!!! take pics of anything and google figures out what it is and searches)
-Google Sky Map (look up at sky thru phone and it shows u what starss and constellations your looking at)
-Google Translate
-gTasks (google task app)
-Layar (Augmented reality browser with all diff kinds of layers u can use to search for anything like tam's, bathrooms, or restaurants)
-Listen (google- their podcast downloader, but wont to video podcasts…so i don't use it)
-My Tracks (a running app that tracks your run via gps, and tells how far, speed and other stuff for jogging. i have not tried it, but i tried SportyPal today and i love it)
-NYC Bus & Subway
-Pandora (streaming free music)
-PdaNet (use your phone as a internet connection via usb or blue tooth..WORKS well)
-Qik (livestream video from your phone to the internet..LIVE like if your at a concert or game, your friends can see what you're seeing)
-Ringdroid (pull 30 second clips from ANY mp3 file, iphone cant...unlike apple's craziness of buying ringtones, you can make your own from anything…this summarizes the diff between android os and iphone)
-Seesmic (my favorite Twitter client for android so far)
-Screebl - uses accelerometer to tell if you are using your phone, if not, it blanks the screen to save battery. Genius, and should be built into android by default.
-Shazam (if u hear a song playing and don't know the name, just fire up shazam and it will listen, and identify the song for you)
-ShopSavvy (so cool to see if you're getting ripped off, u scan a barcode, and it searches the web for prices…never buy without this again)
-Skype (beta)
-SportyPal (very cool app for when you jog, it maps you're run out with google maps, and tracks distance , speed, altitude, and all kinds of other stuff)
-TasKiller (kill open tasks, has widget)
-Unit Converter
-Ustream Broadcast (live streaming just like QiK)
-Wayfinder NYC
-WeatherBug (my fave weather app so far)
-Wifi Analyzer (Super cool wifi frequency, channel, and strength test to see on a graph what wifi signals are around you - and shows hidden ssid's..cool)
-Wikitude (another augmented reality app, very cool)
-Xtreme Labs (3g speed tester, see how fast your 3g and wifi connections are)
-Yelp (food and restaurant reviews and finder, kinda like zagat, and it has augmented reality.)