by nac

So the fine developers working on the HTC Linux project have released a working port of Android for the HD2 over at XDA Developers.
It's pretty buggy right now: calling doesn't work, the microphone/speaker doesn't work, and it's prone to crashes. There's already two flavors available -- vanilla 2.1 and 2.1 with Sense UI from the Desire. The latter is bit more prone to slowdowns and crashes but I've tried using it with SMS-only with success. Have you tried either of the ports yet? What are your thoughts?

by davomrmac

Does anyone actually think that this Dell Streak has a place in the market.
I mean it is too big for the pocket (being larger than a mobile phone) and too small for a good sized tablet experience (like the iPad). Also it does not make calls (I think). Also seems to be hampered by Android 1.6, so unless hacked to upgrade it would be behind on all the 2.1 and 2.2 goodness. Thoughts anyone?

by benson

A couple questions about the HD2
For those that have picked it up, I'm wondering about a couple things. I'm trying to decide between this and the Nexus One, and there are a couple pieces of software on Android that I'd miss if I were to switch over from my G1. First, I know you can use Google Maps on the HD2, and that it doesn't have the free GPS navigation feature. That's not a big deal. The big deal to me is does Google Maps have the same GPS aware searching available? And related to this, what GPS... Read more →

by rafiparrr

HD2 or Nexus One
Let's be honest here guys: I know some of you are big WinMo/Android fans, and that's fine, but please don't let that skew the discussion. I'm looking to replace my old, clunky G1. I really like the HD2, but I'm worried about support from Microsoft once WP7S comes out, and also all these complaints about WinMo 6.5. Is it really that bad? The Nexus One is appealing, but it also has some problems. I would much rather have the huge HD2 screen, and I hate the Android keyboard.... Read more →

by gsd

Running a HD2 WinMo 6.5 TF3D 2.5 ROM on my Touch Pro2...questions?
The ROM I'm currently running on my Touch Pro2 is essentially a tweaked Leo (HD2) ROM hacked for use on the TP2. I guess in a sense that could allow me to answer UI questions about the Leo. Anyone? I've used it for a couple days...I'll post more general impressions this weekend. Though I can't accurately judge speed, being that the HD2's processor has almost double the processing power than the TP2...

by ArmpitOfDeath

WinMo Media Player?
Back when I had WinMo HTC's - a long line starting from the Blue Angel and ending with the Advantage / Tytn II when that gave up the ghost / fell apart on me too and I finally said "**** you HTC"* - I never actually used it as anything other than a messaging / portable office device. Never did any entertainment stuff on it, that being handled by the iPod. Is there, in fact, a compelling WinMo media player? Or is there a compelling one shipped with recent WinMo HTC's? If so,... Read more →

by liutiemo

When can HTC has Windows Mobile 7?
The brand new HD2 is about to come to the market pretty soon. However, what stops me from buying it is the slow Windows Mobile 6.5. Even the device is powered by the 1GHz Snapdragon processor, it's still slower than iPhone 3Gs which runs on a 650MHz CPU ( Am I right?)... So, the question here is, when the HTC HD3 comes out, will it be running the Windows Mobile 7 OS? Will Windows Mobile 7 be MUCH better than the current version?

by lifeasbryan

This is a BIG curve ball
http://www.tmonews.com/2009/10/windows-mobile-midn... From some T-Mobile Ninja's it looks like the HTC HD2 MIGHT be seeing life in the USA under T-Mobile. This is somewhat of a shocker to me and i'm sure to a lot of people here because a lot of people assumed that this phone would be launching on At&t here in America. This honestly doesn't surprise me and it surprises me. It surprises me because I saw T-Mo as the Android's leading carrier. They're very pro with... Read more →