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The HTC HD2 is the most impressive T-Mobile smartphone we've tested to date, by a long shot. Pity about its clunky, dead-end Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. quote

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Engadget Nov 25, 2009

The experience was a quick and painful reminder that no matter how pretty the window dressing is here, HTC has staged its fashion show in a building that should be scheduled for demolition.

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CNET Feb 26, 2010

The HTC HD2 is simply the best Windows Mobile phone out there, but its appeal could be hampered by its size and the upcoming Windows Phone 7 series.

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PC Mag Mar 30, 2010

The HTC HD2 is the most impressive T-Mobile smartphone we've tested to date, by a long shot. Pity about its clunky, dead-end Windows Mobile 6.5 OS.

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Gizmodo Nov 9, 2009

If you've got some undying loyalty to Windows Mobile, be it personal or work-enforced, life won't get any better than with the HD ... If you don't, then just wait this one out. Trust me: for hardware like this, the payoff will be worth it.

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Akihabara News Nov 23, 2009

Elegant, Fast, with a brilliant UI, the Touch HD2 is really something that I was expecting for a very long time in the Window Phones world.

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TechRadar Nov 6, 2009

If Microsoft sorts out its Marketplace with a few more (and cheaper) apps, as well as a couple of firmware tweaks, this could easily be the phone of the year, even at this late stage ... until then it will have to be content with being the best 'business device' on the market by a country mile.

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GSM Arena Nov 17, 2009

HTC HD2 has it all to be a winner – groundbreaking hardware, inventive software, high performance and solid design. HTC have struck the right balance with the HD2 and they are certainly giving the competition a run for their money.

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PocketNow Nov 18, 2009

The HD2 lives up the hype. It's fast, gorgeous, a joy to use, and attracts attention wherever it goes. It's fantastic to finally see the usability of a capacitive touchscreen married with the power of Windows Mobile.

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rgbFilter Apr 13, 2010

With Windows Phone 7 coming out in the fall, it’s hard to overlook an underlying OS that has been around as long as Windows Mobile. That being said, HTC has really overcome the main usability factor with their gorgeous screen and brilliant user interface.

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jfriend jfriend

This is definitely the best Windows Phone I've used. As a piece of hardware it is really beautiful. HTC's software does an admirable job of hiding most of WinMo 6.5's warts. The hardware: The screen is really big and beautiful. Super sharp, vivid colors. 480 x 800 resolution is...

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jonj1017 jonj1017

Great phone if you are looking to put Android on it otherwise better off getting the HD7. Phone is gorgeous and incredibly fast with Android on it though. Loved every minute I had with it.

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boycjay boycjay

I love the form factor really sleek. It works with both Winmo and Android OSes so I think its a great phone. Not to mention you can dual boot OSes and all.

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AmigaBob AmigaBob

Upgraded it to Android 2.3; way better than Windows Mobile 6.5 although it did lose a bit in battery life. It is really fast with Android and I love the 4.3" screen.

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artop artop

The first smartphone that sported a glass 4.3 inch capacitive screen, largely bigger thant its direct concurrent, the Iphone. Very flexible tool with a lot of apps, it was the most advanced windows mobile phone, and if well set, it surpassed all other phones. People didn't understand the power of...

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gboyers gboyers

The HTC HD2 is the flagship Windows Phone, with some impressive specs. Launched in Europe in November 2009, it won't reach the North America market until well into 2010. There's a lot to boast about, and a few pitfalls to consider. But will the HD2 win you over? Hardware But...

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