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Detailed review
I purchased the T-Mo verison of the HD2 specifically because I was planning on switching to Canadian carrier Wind Mobile. After reading all the reviews of the European version, I was still stunned at how thin the HD2 is in person. The build quality is top notch. It feels like a solid piece of hardware, and since HTC used the soft touch backing at the top and bottom, it sits pretty securely in the hand, even though it's quite big.

If I had one complaint, it would be as someone who's always preferred using a phone one-handed (and I was switching from an HTC Vogue), I suspect if the screen was just a bit smaller, it would be perfect. That being said, It's a small complaint, because with 4.3" and 800x480 of real estate, I find myself using this for casual surfing all the time, to the point I've only used my netbook once ain the past week at home for that purpose.

HTC Sense still remains my favourite UI on any phone platform (Windows Mobile or Android), and the HD2 has the latest and greatest. The deep level of customization means you rarely see the WM underpinnings, and even when you do, the screen is so large it's actually easy to navigate.

Even the battery life on this phone is surprisingly good, given how much I put it through in a day web surfing, a good 2-3 hours of MP3s, regular tweet updates and phone calls. The call quality has been exceptional for me, and I've had a couple of people on the other end of the line comment on the quality, not knowing I had a new phone.

The fact that the T-Mo version of the HD2 comes with Swype shouldn't be overlooked either. I generally use the HTC keyboard for short stuff, but Swype is so good that I find that I actually enjoy composing longer emails, and don't miss the old days of a physical keyboard at all.

Until the EVO ships, this is by far the best phone on the market, regardless of OS