by JasonTsay

it seems like every US carrier now has a hero/magic based device and a nexus one/desire based device (verizon has droid incredible and droid eris, tmobile has…
the mytouch 3g and nexus one, at&t has the nexus one and sprint has the hero and EVO 4G - i know the EVO isnt nexus one based but it was what sprint used to replace its potential nexus one)

by deinfinityx

New Mytouch 3G=new build prop=app breakage
For all those who want the new Mytouch with the increased RAM and 3.5mm head jack, there is a lot of issues with it that hopefully will be fixed with an update. Most of the issues are centered around app breakage and market problems. Since they updated the phones build prop a lot of apps are missing from the market, namely paid apps that i bought, and some just don't work like Google Voice. Granted this phone has technically only been out for a week or so, so an update could be in the pipes...

by fmcpherson

Data speeds on T-Mobile
T-Mobile recently announced that they upgraded their 3G network to 7.2 Mbps. Ever since I have been using Speedtest.net on my HTC Magic to transfer speeds I am getting, and I have not noticed any difference in download or upload speeds since T-Mobile's announcment. I thought the myTouch 3G was capable of utilizing the faster data rates, but so far my experience does not support that. Is this a misunderstanding on my part? Has anyone noticed faster data rates on their HTC Magic on T-Mobile?

by drebes

Official 1.6 ROM available for the Google Ion
HTC released a 1.6 ROM for the Google Ion version of the Magic (*): http://developer.htc.com/google-io-device.html I tested it on mine. No big changes, but nice small touches. The camera app is improved, there is a widget to toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc on/off, new Market, text-to-speech, voice dialing, voice search, etc. * - Some people in the XDA developers forums managed to install it in other models as well.

by jimmyhchan

Use Google Listen (Android App) to listen to gdgt podcast
I recently found the android app Google Listen (http://listen.googlelabs.com/) and was able to find the gdgt podcast by searching "gdgt". Highly recommended! the app buffers for a few minutes but no bump after that even for long podcasts. If you have android, get Google Listen from the market place, search for gdgt, subscribe to it and start enjoying.

by victorstuber

A better camera app?
Hey, I have a mytouch 3G and the camera app isn't that great. Is there a better camera app that does "Touch to focus" like the iPhone? Camera pro and snapphoto sucks because I dont want to do effects, I just need something that focuses where I want to focus. I also rooted my phone and the camera that came with the new rom has a newer camera app, but that one doesnt allow you to hold the button to focus, then release to take the picture, it just takes the picture. How can I get the...

by BCingyou

FYI Now available for $29 at Rogers (Canada)
I am in the market for a new phone and stopped by a Rogers store in Vancouver yesterday... this phone has been marked down from 149 to 99 to 79 to 49 now to 29 dollars (with contract obviously). The clerk said they have had a terrible time trying to sell it. Needless to say the iphone was completely sold out at this store, and most rogers locations. I was actually thinking of getting a Palm Pre but I tested the Android phone and liked it, and the price is just ridiculous. For perspective the... Read more →

by brett

Rooting the myTouch 3G
So now that there is a quick root out there, I just wanted to start a more general discussion about rooting the myTouch. What kind of added functionality is in Cyanogen's ROM? I know he incorporates features from Donut but which ones? How has the rooting process gone for everyone? I haven't rooted mine yet and I haven't really heard any horror stories so I keeping leaning more and more towards rooting. Is there an increase in battery life? If anyone else has questions or general...

by peterto

The near perfect device
I've had the Magic for about a week or so and it's been one of my favorite devices in recent memory, especially with CyanogenMod on it. Smooth, slick, can multi-task, can do background apps, does gmail well and is overall a great device. Things that are missing from it are a hardware keyboard, better battery life, a 3.5 mm jack and some better twitter apps (which isn't its fault). I had an epiphany while using it today and realized that it was close to perfect, never had this with... Read more →

by deinfinityx

One Click Root now available.
Only a few days after the Mytouch was rooted, their is now a hack to have one click root access to your phone. Supposedly it works on any Android in the market and exploits a know security flaw that is being patched as we speak. If you want to root this has been tested with video by Phandroid so apparently it works, I would imagine it will stop working once they roll out the update for it. http://phandroid.com/2009/08/17/1-click-root-its-r...

by jfalciano

MyTouch 3G gripes
i just wanted to try to get some feedback from other users who have the the MyTouch 3G. for the most part i'm in love with it. but there have been a few gripes that i wanted to see if anyone else is having the same problems... other than the occasional screen lag (where all the icons disappear) and mistouches when typing in horizontal mode, its been pretty smooth sailing. the main one is missing some calls (from my wife, of course...) where the phone did not ring or vibrate. and yes it was... Read more →