March 18th 2014 11:32 am

Heads up! A newer version of this product has been announced and will be released in November, 2015!

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  • Reception and call quality My voice, and other party’s voice, are really clear in the noisiest environment. great!
  • Display Vivid colors and crisp display. Fantastic viewing angles. Amazing brightness and easy to read in direct sunlight. great!
  • Battery life Better and enhanced, over 2013 HTC One. Easily make me through the day with moderate to heavy use. The Extreme Power Saving Mode is a PLUS. great!
  • Camera New innovation, introducing the Depth of Field Sensor. The front facing camera is now 5 mega pixels, and gives awesome selfies and video calls. good
  • Ease of use Sense 6, on top of latest Android Kit Kiat, has never been better. It's snappy, intuitive and very simple to use. great!
  • Design and form factor I love the aluminum premium feel of the HTC One M8. It stands out of others, and has its own dna. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Though its aluminum, with 5" display, the One M8 is light in the hands, and easily pocketable. great!
  • Media support I enjoy watching videos and youtube on my HTC One M8. Plays everything, and plays every music file format too. great!
  • Durability Resistance to scratches is good, on the back of the phone. But you need to take good care of it, nonetheless. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Android Ecosystem is the best on Planet Earth. great!
Detailed review
A) Hardware:

HTC has built a tremendous smartphone.

HTC One (M8) is beyond any expectations when it comes to build quality.

HTC One (M8) has even raised the bar, even higher than 2013 HTC One.

Not ONLY it's made of a single piece of premium aluminum body, it also has a relatively lightweight, a great feel in the hand and a luxurious look.

The curved back is awesome and fits perfectly in my hand.

The Gun Metal Grey HTC One (M8) is stunningly good-looking. All of my friends love it.

I loved the tiny hairlines on the back of the HTC One (M8) – though there are plenty of cases to protect my HTC One (M8), but I never keep it in a case. I love the look and feel of it.

I couldn't believe it till I’ve held it. That’s why you have to “See it, Feel it”

Boom Sound Front Dual Speakers and the Noise Cancellation intelligent chip are champions!

My voice, and other party’s voice, are really clear in the noisiest environment (Sometimes I have to make a phone call from a factory’s production yard, with all machinery running, and the in-call sound clarity is awesome).

Phone calls now are at their best with HTC One (M8)

The all Ultrapixel Camera with the Depth of Field Sensor, on the back are both innovations.

My photos have never looked clearer in the darkest environments.

I create awesome “Bokeh” effects, right from my phone, without any third party app, only using my HTC One (M8) camera.

My selfies and my video calls have never been enjoyable, before I bought my HTC One (M8)

The front facing 5 megapixels camera makes it awesome for you to shine.

Battery life is better than what I had on my previous HTC phones (HTC OneX/X+ - HTC One M7), for my same moderate usage pattern.

I, now, seldom use the external battery bank to charge my HTC One to make it last through the night.

There’s, also, the “Extreme Power Saving Mode”, packed with the HTC One (M8) and it’s truly a life saver when you need to make a phone call the most.

Cell phone signal, Mobile Data, WiFi and Bluetooth have no problems whatsoever.

I get a relatively faster GPS lock on my HTC One, compared to my previous HTC phones, which is amazing.

B) Software

HTC One has an even better experience with the HTC Sense 6, on top of latest Android Kit Kat.

Sense 6 is truly lighter than previous Sense versions; it’s minimal, but very capable.

I never experienced any lag, on my HTC One, switching from app to app.

I love that I can group all the apps in “Folders”, right in the “App Tray”,

I use “Custom” mode to sort my apps and move them around the app tray.

This is very awesome, as I used to have my most frequently used apps on folders on my main homescreen, now all my folders are one click away, right in the app trey, saving space on my other homescreens.

When I first bought my HTC One (M8), I tried to explore HTC Blink Feed. It took me absolutely no time to customize what I need to be shown on Blink Feed. I loved it.

I love that Blink Feed can be set to Automatically Refresh, only on WiFi. If I’m on Mobile Internet, I drag the Blink Feed down to refresh.

I love the HTC Music Player with rich voice and sound enhancer,

I love hearing music from the stereoDual Front Facing Boom Sound front speakers and even with my headphones.

I love that the Music Player can actually pull down the lyrics and album arts and show them on screen.

Camera app is now better than ever.

You can switch modes on the camera to Camera, take shots and enjoy the tremendous editing features available to play with.

I really enjoyed playing with U Focus, Foregrounder, Seasons and Dimension Plus.

You can switch modes on the camera to ZOE and enjoy the seamlessness of three operations.

Takes a single shot, by clicking once, take a window of 3 seconds shot, and 20 still shots, and if you keep the button pressed the video mode will lock, automatically.

This gives you the whole thing from still shots to awesome video to capture the moment

This enables you to do tremendous editing! I love all the editing modes, especially the “Always Smile” which enables me to choose the best scene of a group of my friends.

You can remove unneeded moving objects! ZOE is really smarts enough to determine what objects you may need to take out! Mainly moving! I love this option a lot.

I love the “Sequence Shot” mode available, taking a set of photos and then choosing best 5 is brilliant.

HTC Sense Gallery is enhanced with awesome themes to customize your 30 seconds highlights video, which is created automatically.

I loved the 30 Seconds Highlights Video. It highlights your whole day.

I loved the themes I can use to bring the Highlights Video.

The HTC Gallery is the best and most live galley.

HTC ZOE Share is very fun, I loved that I can share the whole event with photos,

I can choose what to share.

HTC ZOE Share creates a full event with Title and Location.

One new great feature now on the HTC One (M8) is the Motion Gesture Launch.

I love that I now do not have to reach high to press the power button,

Double tap, or swipe left, or swipe right, or swipe up, or even use the swipe down to launch the Voice Dialer.

Hope my experience helps.