by Nintendubus

Are We Over Plastic Smartphones?
There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S III has an impressive spec sheet. Even though the phone doesn't bring much new to the table, it appears that it will be competing with HTC's One X for the throne atop the Android mountain. One part of Samsung's new device has me less than impressed though.
The device is a totally plastic, wholly generic, typically Samsung design. In the age of One S, X, Lumia 900, and the iPhone 4S, the look and feel of the Galaxy S III is out of step. Build quality... Read more →

by Bones

HTC One S (T-Mobile) vs GSM Galaxy Nexus
I'm currently sporting an HTC Sensation 4G and eligible for an update. This brings me to the question of whether to get the htc one s or the galaxy nexus. All the reviews I've read have made it clear both are cream of the crop Android devices. I would appreciate any feedback on this topic. Here are a few things to consider:
-I love the pure google experience that a nexus product will bring since i owned the htc nexus one and enjoyed all it brought.
-The price of the galaxy isnt so much an large... Read more →

by marc

Are you prepared to live in the cloud?
This has been a big week on the cloud front. Not only has Google finally introduced their long-awaited Google Drive service, with 5GB of free storage, but the HTC One S is out now, and comes with 25GB of free Dropbox space, presumably to make up for the phone's lack of a microSD card slot. Meanwhile, Microsoft has finally made Skydrive easier to use, though new users will get just 7GB of free space, compared with the 25GB Microsoft previously offered. And, not to be left out, Apple has let it be... Read more →

by adfrad

Bluetooth issues with Audi Car Kits?
Since I got my HTC One, my Audi bluetooth car kit has been almost unusable. I get connection drops every few minutes even when I'm not in a phone call.
I spoke the HTC and they said it might be because it is BT 4, but I believe it should be backward compatible.
Anyone else getting this happen?

by piers

Why is there no perfect phone in the One series?
So the One X has twice the storage space of the S, the V is the only one with expandable local storage, the One X is (to the best of my knowledge) the only one with NFC, the One S has slightly last-gen specs,...
Why is there no true flagship device? Sure, "it'd result in a drop in demand for the other devices though". If they released a true flagship at a much higher price point, would people mind that much? I mean, Apple with the iPhone do one phone (albeit different storage size choices and... Read more →

by peter

Quick impressions of the HTC One X and One S
I was lucky enough to get 15 minutes with both the One X and the One S earlier this week, and while it wasn't all that much time, I did come away very impressed. The build quality of both is fantastic, HTC clearly paid a lot of attention to the little details on each phone, and the screen on each is great. Both were thinner than I'd expected, but still felt remarkably sold and well-built. Both phones were fluid and responsive and while generally I'd prefer stock Android (for a variety of... Read more →

by piers

shutter button?
I really hope that this does have a physical shutter button. I know it's a thin device, but with a lens and features that good (well, good for an HTC device :P) it would be a severe mistake to not include one. Lack of a shutter button on the Touch Pro2 was a real pain in the neck... to be honest, that's one of the reasons I'll never buy an iPhone, as a soft shutter isn't good enough :/ Unfortunately, the concept image doesn't give anything about a shutter button away, and what could be seen in...