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  • Reception and call quality Always great reception on T-Mobile and 4G speeds are great! great!
  • Display People will complain about qHD pentile displays, but real-world consumers will not have an issue. great!
  • Battery life Battery life is OK, but not as impressive as the HTC One X. An extra 100 mAh would go a long way. good
  • Camera By far the best camera I have used on a phone - ever. great!
  • Ease of use HTC Sense 4.0 looks amazing and works like a charm. It's not stock Android, but if that's what you really want go buy yourself a Nexus great!
  • Design and form factor No comments great!
  • Portability (size / weight) No comments great!
  • Media support No comments great!
  • Durability No comments good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) No comments great!
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