November 7th 2011 2:12 pm

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by Met

Connecting Jawbone UP to your Devices?
So I just bought a Jawbone UP. I tried to connect it to my HTC One X, but it wouldn't connect on Android 4.1. I thought there was something wrong with the UP, but it worked just fine when connected on my iPad 4.

Anyone else have experience with connecting the UP band to other Android devices? How has your experience been?

by oliseo

Easy media streaming on the HTC One X
If you have a windows machine, simply share the media folder on your computer (you may need to disable password sharing for ease of use).

Then use an android file manager that has lan capabilities. Select your windows machine from the list. Navigate to the shared folder. And click on the video.

Hey presto, you're now streaming videos to your phone from your computer.

by peter

First impressions of Jelly Bean on the HTC One X
I rooted my HTC One X last night (I have the Tegra 3 model) so I could throw Jelly Bean on it, and so far I have really been loving it. The ROM I used is still missing some key functionality (the camera doesn't work at all, for instance, and there's no Google Now) and so I wouldn't recommend anyone install it on their only phone, but it's amazing to see how responsive the One X is with... Read more →

by readthinkbuy

Can HTC overcome 2 minor flaws through the firmware update in an otherwise perfect mobile HTC One X ?
HTC One X is the perfect Android mobile. Great 4.7" screen. Fantastic implementation of Android 4.0 with HTC sense. A camera as good as a point and shoot camera. Why did HTC then such a perfectionist company not take more care on having a better powered battery. Why remove the micro SD slot from a great mobile ?

by Nintendubus

Are We Over Plastic Smartphones?
There is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S III has an impressive spec sheet. Even though the phone doesn't bring much new to the table, it appears that it will be competing with HTC's One X for the throne atop the Android mountain. One part of Samsung's new device has me less than impressed though.
The device is a totally plastic, wholly generic, typically Samsung design. In the age of One S, X, Lumia 900, and the iPhone 4S, the look and feel of the Galaxy S III is out of step. Build quality... Read more →

by aaronaut

new iPhone, bigger screen or bust?
after reading Peter's iPhone 5 screen size question here,
it really got me thinking about screen size and my usage. As I said in that discussion I've surprised myself with how much I continue to use my iPhone over my iPad. I read a TON and even my wife pokes fun about how I am going to go blind reading on such a small screen all the time. She is the inverse of me, I'm pretty sure if she could make calls from her iPad, she... Read more →

by frankspin

The HTC Evo 4G LTE is being held at customs and will miss its Friday launch date.
AndroidCentral has just posted an article with a statement from Sprint acknowledging that its new flagship device, the HTC Evo 4G LTE, is going to miss its anticipated launch date thanks to a patent dispute with Apple. US Customs is currently holding the Evo 4G LTE, and the AT&T One X, to ensure they do not violate patent any patents. In their statement on the Sprint community forums, Sprint has provided instructions for those who wish to cancel their pre-orders.
If you pre-ordered the Evo 4G... Read more →

by dogbertrulez

What do you think about the quality of the images from the camera?
I currently have the iPhone 4. I really wanted to get the One X. However, my in-store experience with the camera on this phone was very disappointing when compared to the iPhone4 and Galaxy S2. How can this be, spec wise this blows the others (iPhone 4 and S2) and all the 'expert' reviewers say that as well. However when I compared the images in-store, the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S2 blew this phone out of the water - they had better contrast, better blacks, better detail.
How can this be???
What am I... Read more →

by marc

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy S III?
Samsung has just launched the Galaxy S III. This new Android phone will be available in Europe this month, and a 4G version will be out in the US this summer. With enhanced voice control functions, an eye-sensor that will keep the screen turned on as long as you're looking at it, and a 4.8-inch display, Samsung is clearly targeting the iPhone 4S. Can it compete effectively with Apple's flagship -- and with other new Android smartphones like the HTC One series?

by piers

Why is there no perfect phone in the One series?
So the One X has twice the storage space of the S, the V is the only one with expandable local storage, the One X is (to the best of my knowledge) the only one with NFC, the One S has slightly last-gen specs,...
Why is there no true flagship device? Sure, "it'd result in a drop in demand for the other devices though". If they released a true flagship at a much higher price point, would people mind that much? I mean, Apple with the iPhone do one phone (albeit different storage size choices and... Read more →

by JasonTsay

What would be your dream phone from existing phone parts?
Joshua Topolsky's quote from a recent Vergecast got me thinking about the "ideal phone." He describes it as "I want the One X internals, display, and camera in the body of the Lumia 900, running stock ICS."

Using just specs/aspects of phones currently on the market, what would your dream phone be?

by peter

Quick impressions of the HTC One X and One S
I was lucky enough to get 15 minutes with both the One X and the One S earlier this week, and while it wasn't all that much time, I did come away very impressed. The build quality of both is fantastic, HTC clearly paid a lot of attention to the little details on each phone, and the screen on each is great. Both were thinner than I'd expected, but still felt remarkably sold and well-built. Both phones were fluid and responsive and while generally I'd prefer stock Android (for a variety of... Read more →