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With its ultra-sharp HD display and Beats-enhanced audio, the HTC Rezound is one of the better media phones on the market. The phone uses Verizon's fast LTE 4G network, so downloading or streaming videos should be a breeze (as long as you have a suitable data plan) and it has solid voice performance, in case you also want to use it to make calls. Since its on-contract price has come down to $199 from an earlier $299, it's now on par with other high-end smartphones, making it a good choice for Verizon customers who spend a lot of time watching videos on the go.

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Engadget Nov 15, 2011

We enjoyed the Rezound because of the display and the phone's overall performance, but you have to be a fan of Sense -- and tolerate the lackluster battery -- in order to place it above the Galaxy Nexus on the wish list.

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PC World Jan 3, 2012

If you can deal with subpar battery life, the HTC Rezound is an excellent phone that won't feel outdated anytime soon.

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CNET Nov 11, 2011

While it may have a hefty build, the HTC Rezound's beautiful display, commendable performance, and multimedia-rich features make it a top phone for Verizon customers.

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SlashGear Nov 14, 2011

The phone may not be as skinny as the DROID RAZR but the screen is better and the unibody chassis feels solid and comfortable in the hand.

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TechRadar Mar 12, 2012

If your phone is also your primary music player, the Rezound is worth a look, if only for the included earbuds.

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BGR Nov 15, 2011

The red and black color scheme, an amazing 720p HD display, Beats audio and extremely fast performance come together in an ergonomic design to create a fantastic finished product.

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JeffDenver JeffDenver

I have had this for a few weeks now as of this writing and am in love with it. It is a conventional Android phone in the sense that it will do everything your previous Android phone did and better. Yes, you can remove the battery (unlike the Razr and iPhone). Yes, it has SD expansion (unlike the...

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shanesol shanesol

Updated the battery life with my third, and hopefully final, Rezound to date. This one has held its charge much better, but you still have to compromise to make it last a full day on mostly minimal use. Lower the display settings, turn off automatic updating, and definitely user WiFi when you can.

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jaredvillhelm jaredvillhelm

Phone performed great in all aspects from camera to media. Phone battery was the only true disappointment, it had an unerring habit of heating up to dangerously high temperatures and running down at an astronomically fast rate.

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locoloki77 locoloki77

The HTC Rezound on Verizon's 4G LTE network is a nice piece of hardware, and with the scheduled 4.0 ICS upgrade due soon, it could be nice on the software front too. When compared to similarly priced phones, the Dual-Core 1.5Ghz Snapdragon Processor, 1Gb of RAM, the 4.3" 360 DPi 1280x720 HD...

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boundzy boundzy

I've had the Rezound for about 2 months. Other than poor battery life, this is an excellent phone. PROS: The radios and antenna are strong No problems switching from 4G to 3G to WiFi Great screen Ample specs - CPU/GPU/RAM, etc. Beats audio is a nice feature - though I rarely use it It...

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nyce2beme nyce2beme

this phone is great and the best i came across, with the specs it will be a great phone for the rest of the summer of 2012 and maybe till fall, the head phone are worth the price of the upgrade i love this phone wont up grade till the next nexus or if they make a rezound 2

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