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by kas84

Drivers for Snow Leopard
The old drivers for this modem don't work in Snow Leopard, you need to download this and then you can either use the mobile connect program from huawei (what you might have used previously) or use the built in dialer on Snow Leopard. Anyhow, you need to download this 64bit drivers first.

by S2dog

Modem compatibility
Ok so I picked this up, first with a ZTE brand modem only to find that it is not compatible with the router. This was mentioned in the user manual, not on the outside packaging. Of course the helpful troll behind the counter said the modem was compatible. So, the manual states, that you need a 3 branded (UK) Huawei modem. Ok, I says, and goes to get one. Picked up an E1550. Now I'm still in the air on this one since it is a PAYG sim and is at least detected by the router. But this is all it... Read more →