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The Gadgeteer Feb 28, 2010

I hope there will be a version 2.0 of the Boogie Board that somehow allows image saving and maybe even other ink colors. But until then, this is a fun little product that I’ve enjoyed testing and using.

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electrodude1029 electrodude1029

Very useful. Especially for temporary notes and math problems. However if you have a watch or bracelet on your writing hand while you are writing, that will make a mark on the screen. You have about 500,000 erases I believe. The writing stylus is quite comfortable. You can extend it to the length...

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swhite237 swhite237

The boogie board is a fantastic prototype- not a fantastic product. If it was cheaper or had a more robust feature set (multiple colors, the ability to selectively erase content) then it would be imminently recommendable. Core functionality is great- it's just hard for me to justify spending as...

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jneff jneff

Back in the days of one room schoolhouses and desks with inkwells, it was common for each child to have his or her own, individual slate, or chalkboard on which to practice their lesson. Improv Electronics aims to replicate that experience in the modern age, and, from this teacher's perspective,...

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