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wenzej wenzej

very easy to set up the backup software Quick Protect UI is confusing but you can use any software you like. for a on site backup solution it is great have not tried the remote access yet. I like how well built is seems and how quiet it is.

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wkelly24 wkelly24

At $99 for a 1 TB drive, I couldn't pass up this opportunity for a simple NAS solution for backing up multiple computers in my home. Installation was simple and the Mac and PC's found the network volumes immediately. Setup for the Apple Time Machine on the Mac was a breeze and PC file...

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DuckByte DuckByte

This seemed like a reasonable solution in terms of price and performance. Setup was easy and my initial complaint was only that it was a bit noisy. However, after a few months of use the drive would lose connectivity with the network and require a restart every few weeks. Then after about 7...

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