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81 December 18th 2012 10:58 am

With support for up to 3TB of storage, 40-50MB/s read and write speeds, RAID and JBOD support, and a small footprint, the StorCenter px2-300d is a good backup solution for small businesses or home users with lots of data on their hands. SlashGear calls the px2-300d "an all-around excellent storage device," and likes its ability to work with social networking services and surveillance systems, and says that it "makes an excellent personal server, offering a pleasant mix of appealing design, quiet hardware, easy-to-use software, and high-end functionality." PCWorld agrees, saying the px2-300d "delivers very good performance, excellent backup and surveillance features, and a helpful LCD that reports on the unit's status."

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PC Mag Dec 31, 2012

For general NAS purposes, the Iomega StorCenter px2-300d is a winner that makes sharing content is very easy thanks to the Iomega Personal Cloud.

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PC World Dec 11, 2012

The px2-300d compares quite well with similar products and shines especially bright in the realms of backup and video surveillance.

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SlashGear Dec 9, 2012

Overall, the px2-300d is an all-around excellent storage device. It runs relatively quiet when not crunching away at data, looks nice intermingled in with other hardware, and, most importantly, offers many different features that cover a broad enough spectrum to make this NAS an ideal choice.

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MacNN Feb 25, 2013

Other than the price loaded with drives, there is nothing to dislike about the PX2 at all, and it is making this tester rethink the repurposed desktop computer currently in use as a server.

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frankspin frankspin

I'm just going to expand further on each of the points above to try and bring more clarity to each. As I said the system has two drives so you can use it in Raid 0, 1 or JBOD. The drives trays are hot swappable so you can simply remove the bad drive while it's on and insert a new one. In fact...

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infomed infomed

DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT I had one for 3 months and I had all kind of problems with it ! The program to access your data from the cloud is awfull keeps crashing on IOS 7 and IOS 8 I was using two Western Digital Red 3,0 TB, I decided to secure erase the hard drives from the console and guess what...

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