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There's little question that the nostalgic charm of the first-generation iCade didn't fully translate when Ion updated the line with more portable, cheaper options. But while the Mobile doesn't offer up the same faux-wood-grained charm of its predecessor, it at least works as advertised, bringing a gaming experience to the iPhone and iPad that simple touchscreen controls just can't match. In spite of its $80 price tag, the Mobile feels a bit cheap, but if you're looking to take your mobile gaming to a slightly less casual level, this could do the trick.

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Engadget May 21, 2012

In spite of their $80 / $100 price tags, the Mobile and Core do feel a bit cheap, but if you're looking to take your mobile gaming to a slightly less casual level, these peripherals could well do the trick.

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CNET Jul 19, 2012

The iCade Mobile's a retro gaming oddity for the iPhone that adds physical buttons, but for a lofty $70 price. Its lack of universal compatibility, lack of analog sticks, and large size relegate it to strictly novelty status.

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TrustedReviews Apr 17, 2012

It’s a quality device, with good-quality buttons and a decent d-pad but we imagine the market for such a gadget is pretty small, especially given its limited support. However, it’s probably the best out there if you can stomach the expense.

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148Apps May 4, 2012

The iCade Mobile succeeds not in that it makes the iPhone into an arcade machine, but that it makes it into a capable handheld system.

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