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by Met

Any news and/or info on the Jawbone UP 2013 model?
I was telling a friend about the UP band today and when trying to go to their page on my phone, the mobile page was only an ad saying that their 2013 models were coming soon. I had to load the desktop version of the page to get any real info on the band.
I hadn't even heard anywhere on the news about the 2013 model anywhere and a quick Google search didn't really bring up any info. Does any one have any info (pref with links to reputable sources) on the new 2013 models? Any info on if they're... Read more →

by dlongworth

What do most people use as a carrying case for this? I wish Aliph made a hard case specifically for it.
I'm always afraid of breaking it by putting it in my pocket or a bag, and it always ends up getting turned on. I also don't want to look like the bluetooth douchbag just wearing it around at all times when I'm out shopping and going into places. I'd just like a small hard case to put in my coat pocket or laptop bag or messenger bag to have with me in case I get stuck in a long conversation. I've looked at Amazon and the only case I could find said hard, but reviews...