July 15th 2011 1:27 pm

Heads up! A newer version of this product is out!


by llkats

Are personal tracking gadgets helpful or ultimately distracting?
I read this thoughtful article from the Morning News: (http://www.themorningnews.org/article/paris-and-t... about the author's experience with a FitBit and the behavior changes that occur when one quantifies an aspect of one's life (like steps taken, calories consumed, etc.) The end of the article mentions disappointment that comes from an experience that, for whatever reason, doesn't end up getting tracked. It reminded me of a very long bike ride that I took that I forgot to track... Read more →

by dave

Most wanted gadgets for November 2011
What did you and your fellow gdgt users consider the most wanted gadgets for the month of November? Check out the following list! Samsung's Galaxy Nexus reigns supreme.
  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus - http://gdgt.com/samsung/galaxy/nexus/
  2. Nokia Lumia 800 - http://gdgt.com/nokia/lumia/800/
  3. Apple iPhone 4S - http://gdgt.com/apple/iphone/4s/
  4. Amazon Kindle Fire - http://gdgt.com/amazon/kindle/fire/
  5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime - http://gdgt.com/asus/eee/pad/transformer-prime/
  6. Lytro Lytro -...
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by tonedef

Widespread Malfunctions, UPs dying after 4-6 days
Just as a notification, UPs are dying left and right (including mine). The pattern seems to be, the battery will operate fine for the first discharge. A user will recharge it, and the battery will discharge extremely fast. When it dies the second time, it's dead for good. It's likely a QA issue with the first batch.
The company hasn't adequately responded to these malfunctions yet, or stated why this is occurring.
Lots of complaints about this so far. I hope Aliph gets it right, I loved mine.... Read more →