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by yashendra2797

Fitbit Force vs Jawbone UP 24 vs Nike Fuelband SE vs Pebble
Hey there! I was planning to buy one of the fitness tracking bracelets, but I am confused regarding which one to buy. For me the obvious comparison is between jawbone up 24 and the Fitbit force. This is because the Fuelband doesn't track sleep patterns. But then I thought about the pebble smart watch. While it may not be that comprehensive in fitness, it's amazing overall, and I can still use it for logging miles using runkeeper. So, which one should I buy. Here's my list of pros and cons for... Read more →

by Krich

Up 24 by Jawbone syncing
I have a question about the Up 24 by Jawbone. I know it is a wireless device, and will store data and send it to your app. My problem is that I do not get wireless when at work which is the majority of my day. Will it not synch to my app then?