May 20th 2013 8:21 am

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  • Reception and call quality It's not as good as my Z30 and more on par with my iPhone. Acceptable. But not the best. so-so
  • Display Perfectly acceptable. But JUST shy of the PPI's we've become used to. This is not a problem. good
  • Battery life This is better than my iPhone that runs through 2 full charges a day, but not quite up to my BlackBerry Z30 that lasts a day and a bit even with heavy use. good
  • Camera Photos are okay. Video is not that great, but this is a Beta version and with Software tweaking, I'm sure it will improve. good
  • Ease of use This is NOT easy to use. I was very excited about the UI when I saw it demonstrated, everyday use found me struggling. Perhaps with more practice? poor
  • Design and form factor Excellent design. It manages to look elegant and feel playful at the same time. I can tell it's really good quality. We'll done. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) Perfect size for me. Weight is not a problem. I really like it. great!
  • Media support Supports whatever songs or videos you want. SD card is a good touch too. great!
  • Durability This remains to be seen. Compared to iPhone, I feel I could probably through this around a little more, but it's no BlackBerry. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Really bad. I know it's a new platform, but no cross platform messaging like whatsapp/bbm in the app store. No "built-in" email client either. Hope it improves awful!
Detailed review
I open the box with a LOT of excitement and was really hoping this phone would be the answer to all my problems.
At the moment, I'm using a BlackBerry Z30 as my main device and an iphone when I need an app. I have used android a lot and was disappointed by the UI and the lack of a unified inbox. The same issues with the iPhone. I LOVE the Z30 and was ready to give it up for something a little more exciting.
All I can say is that this phone is NOT ready. I like the hardware. I really like a lot. But it pains me to say that the OS, even with all its really good ideas, needs a LOT of work still. From big things like no "built in" email support to little things like the keyboard obscuring your typing. For now, it's not yet there. But I do appreciate the little guy making a stand and creating beautiful hardware and challenging the big guns.

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By the way I have the Z30 as well and your app problem is going to be solved with the 10.2.1 update very very soon it has the ability to install android apps directly APK without converting....and big games work great as well like Dead Trigger 2 plays perfectly...

"The Sailfish OS is the weakest link at the moment. Do Jolla have enough money to further develop the gestured base OS remains also a mystery. And another question is do the fan base have interest to develop all the wanted apps for the phone?" says Sam -