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The premise of the Karma Hotspot is to share your data, not keep it for yourself. For every user that joins your hotspot and registers on Karma not only do they benefit by getting 100MB of free data but so do you.

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Gizmodo Feb 15, 2013

Do you need backup 4G connectivity, but not to use all the time? Is there Clearwire coverage in your city? Then yes. At $79 a Karma hotspot isn't too expensive by hotspot standards, but of course the real value comes in the form of not having to pay to not use it.

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PC Mag Mar 14, 2014

The Karma Wi-Fi Hotspot modem lets you earn limitless free mobile data for sharing the love, but protecting your privacy is up to you.

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PC World May 13, 2014

Karma's mobile hotspot and pay-as-you-go service is worthwhile for anyone with intermittent cellular data needs. The data is more expensive than what you can get with some other plans, but it never expires so you truly pay for only what you use.

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ChipChick Dec 20, 2013

Overall, our biggest grope with the Karma hotspot is that the Clearwire Wi-max coverage is a bit limiting, and we wish the device had support to roam on Sprint’s data network.

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bokehboy bokehboy

At $79 this is a svelte, portable device that operates well. They throw in 1GB of data for free (worth $14) so that brings the hardware price to $65. Two interesting differentiators: 1) Your data does not expire at the end of the month. So this is a great device for occasional power cuts, or for...

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