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The Klipsch Image S4A takes everything we liked about the S4i, and brings it to the Android universe. Like the S4i, these are lightweight in-ear headphones offer great sound, good noise-isolation, and a snug fit, all at under $100. This version adds an inline remote/mic that will work with current Android devices. A free downloadable app lets you remap the buttons on the remote, offering a degree of customization that you'll find in few other headphones. If you don't have an Android phone, and want the same sound quality, go for the S4, which is usually available for about $30 less than the phone-specific models.

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CNET Nov 22, 2011

Klipsch's ultracomfortable, noise-isolating ear tips are just one of the reasons I love and recommend the S4-series headphones. If you're an Android user shopping for a new pair of earbuds, the Image S4A headphones are definitely worth the $99.

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Pocket-Lint Dec 23, 2011

Good performance and an app that really helps, the Klipsch Image S4a are a set of headphones that will do your Android device proud, whilst not sacrificing compatibility with other devices.

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gtechfl gtechfl

I really like the way these headphones sound. The sound is full and has sufficient base. Calls are clear as well. That of course also depends on your phone. You have to download the Klipsch app from Google Play Store (free) to your phone in order to have full functionality. The app is concise and...

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Hawk1 Hawk1

What’s left to say: these are the best headphones I've owned so far. If I had a quibble, it would be with the software. Why do I need to control volume via software? I can play, pause, skip, etc. w/o any software being added - but to control the volume (And several other special features) I need...

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scissor415 scissor415

for the price point, especially if you find them on sale somewhere ($55 on amazon when I bought them) this is a quality sounding set of ear buds. i do worry about durability; i've owned three pairs of the S4i's (one pair was a freebie via warranty) and two had serious problems with frayed...

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paulgrostad paulgrostad

Hardware quality seems great, and the sound is top notch. ...however, I bought these for the advertised control capability, and this is where these headphones fall flat on its face. The required app is buggy and unresponsive, making the controls useless 60% of the time. At least that is the case...

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