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The Klipsch x10i headphones are incredibly light and comfortable, and are among the best in-ear models available, with a natural sound that is well balanced and rich. However, they're significantly more expensive than the Klipsch S4i, a gdgt Must Have model that is a very good option for everyday use. A limited edition of the X10i endorsed by Lou Reed was initially priced at a $50 premium over the originals, though we've seen it for less than the standard version. Its specs are identical, though it comes in purple, and is stamped with Reed's signature. Like the original, it outputs fine, fine music.

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CNET Feb 11, 2010

The Klipsch Image X10i headphones are a great option for iPhone and iPod owners who listen mainly to lossless audio.

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TechRadar Jan 16, 2011

For the discerning on-the-go music listener, the X10i is closer to a good, full-size headphone than most and the comfort is simply the icing on the cake.

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T3 May 23, 2012

You’ll need 320kbps or Lossless files and a quiet environment to get the most from them but, make no mistake, the Lou Reed X10i Signature Edition headphones are superb with all forms of music.

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Fiatopichan Fiatopichan

It's great in most of the aspects, but quite not durability. Mine has cracks on the rubber connection between the earpiece and the line after 1 month.

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