April 15th 2013 3:00 pm


by DanCooper

How would you change Kobo’s Aura HD?
Canadian e-reader company Kobo had a dream. That dream was to ignore commercial convention and ask its most hardcore of users what they would want from their dream e-reader -- a bit like How Would You Change, in that respect. The result was the Aura HD, a 6.8-inch slate with a high-res (for an e-reader) display, impressive storage and a best-in-class front light. In our opinion, the hardware was gorgeous, but the software left a lot to be desired, not to mention that Kobo’s bookstore isn’t...

by baitron

S2C will showcase its latest technologies at DAC 2014
Industry-leading SoC / ASIC prototyping solutions provider quickly S2C (S2C) company , in May 27, 2014 announced that it will showcase its latest technology in 2014 Electronic Automation Show (DAC). The demonstration is designed to showcase the latest technology and S2C solutions to cope with the rapid development of new challenges facing the SoC design industry . DAC 2014 will be June 1 to 5 , in California , San Francisco 's Moscone Convention Center .
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