August 27th 2013 7:40 pm

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  • Display / readability The display is really great, as is the glowlight great!
  • Battery life 2months on a charge! My test showed a 8% drop in 1 week. great!
  • Store and selection of titles The Kobo store has an absolutely Gigantic library. Ranging from classics, to NYT best sellers, to magazines. They have everything you could want. great!
  • Ease of use The New UI, while amazing, takes a lot of getting used to. While a lot of features are the same, I would have liked an interactive tutorial to help newcomers. good
  • Document support PDF and image support is dramatically improved with the new display. great!
  • Storage capacity 4GB is industry standard for eReaders. . The microSD makes up for that in some ways though. I wish Kobo bundled a MSD card with the device though. good
  • Durability THe build quality is genuinely "Applesque" great!
  • Design and form factor 6" is the perfect size for an eReader. The smaller bezel helps too. great!
  • Portability (size / weight) This thing is LIGHT. great!
Detailed review
The Kobo Aura has many things going for it. From a superb build, to some market leading features. The device has a flush screen and bezel, making it less bulky. The screen panel is capacitive, which aids in the navigation of PDF and image files.
The Glolight is very even, and does not damage the reading experience in any way. After turning the light on, it can be controlled from the settings menu. Additionally, Kobo has implemented some multitouch gestures to control the light intensity.
The UI is similar to old Kobo devices. Reading options also remain the same. The library has been upgraded, with support for searching through books stored in the Kobo cloud.

All in all, the device is absolutely THE BEST eReader available. If you are interested in a more detailed review, check out my blog (from my profile page).