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Laptop Magazine May 10, 2012

At $179, the Kobo Vox offers a unique reading experience for an affordable price. The display and social networking features are pretty compelling. However, the Vox falls short of the Kindle Fire when it comes to app selection and both the Fire and Nook Tablet in terms of speed.

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Android Central Jul 9, 2012

If you're more interested in a decent e-reader with benefits, then the Vox is an OK choice. Especially in Europe, where at present the B&N and Amazon offerings aren't available. If you're looking for a cheap Android tablet though, there is now only one winner. The Google Nexus 7.

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SmokemeaKipper SmokemeaKipper

A fantastic colour e-reader, AND a great basic android tablet. HARDWARE The single core 800 MHz Processor is adequate for the built-in apps and it plays YouTube video via the app very smoothly. The mono speaker is loud and clear enough for most. Play back through the 3.5mm headphone jack is...

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If you look at it as an e-read that will do other things it is great value for the money. If you buy it as tablet first, you my be disappointed. I have both and iPad and iPad2 and this is not a replacement for how I use them. As an e-reader that I can do some web surfing with and check my email...

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ptrhansen ptrhansen

The addition of the Google Play store helped this tablet but it didn't help make the processor any better. A faster processor would have helped and the ARC seems to be a more comparable tablet to the newer andriod based tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire but the first gen was just meh in my...

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