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LaCie's latest offering for Thunderbolt users should prove to be a tempting option. Its robust build quality, massive capacity, quiet operation and blazing transfer rates all make for an attractive proposition. Despite those merits, the 2big's premium price is likely to be a turnoff for some. Plus, with Thunderbolt set to become ubiquitous once it starts showing up in PCs, cheaper Tbolt external drive options are sure to proliferate in the not-too-distant future. That said, if you're in need of external storage right now and have the means, you won't be disappointed having the 2big on your desk.

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Engadget Mar 22, 2012

Its robust build, massive capacity, quiet operation and, of course, blazing transfer rates all make for quite an attractive package for use as a media and backup repository. Despite those merits, the 2big's premium price is likely to be a turn-off for many.

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AnandTech Mar 29, 2012

LaCie's 2big Thunderbolt series is probably the easiest Thunderbolt solution to recommend as there aren't any obvious issues (other than price)... If you're storing anything super important on the 2big however, you'll still want some sort of a backup solution.

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Macworld Mar 7, 2012

With 6TB of storage and fast Thunderbolt read and write speeds, the LaCie 2Big Thunderbolt Series drive offers fast speeds for backup or video processing. Like all other Thunderbolt drives we’ve seen, the 2big doesn’t offer any other ports for connecting to older Macs or PCs without Thunderbolt.

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CNET Mar 15, 2012

The drive offers a better balance of cost, capacity and performance, and we'd recommend it to any owner of a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac who needs a superfast external storage device.

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RyanXM RyanXM

The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series uses the 1TB platter HDDs from Seagate (Model ST3000DM001 & Specs) and I can truly see why they are using them. They run cool, are stupid fast, and are very quiet consider the performance that they give in an enclosure that is 100% aluminum. Read of File...

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RonaldTrump RonaldTrump

All I have to say is REGARDLESS of how well everything else works on this unit, the noisy fan makes it a deal breaker. The sound is so bad, I don't know if it's the fan or the drive going bad. (And that's bad.) I mean, if JUST THE FAN sounds this bad, how bad is it when the drive goes? At...

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hoffman hoffman

I work for a graphic design agency, and it's amazing how our data storage requirements have grown literally exponentially over the years. We used to have two 2TB drives to store our data, but they are no longer sufficient. This drive has solved all of our storage problems, and it's good to have...

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