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Flash drives are pretty easy to misplace, and even many that come with loops, hooks, or holes to connect them to keyrings can often get disconnected. That's why we like LaCie's iamaKey. Since it's designed to look like a key, and has a sturdy metal case, it'll fit on your keyring, and you'll never leave it behind of lose it (unless you lose your keys). One downside: iamaKey is USB 2.0, so file transfers may be slower than they would be using a flash drive designed for newer USB 3.0 ports. If LaCie comes out with a USB 3.0 version, you'll probably want to change your keys; no locksmith required.

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CNET May 1, 2009

LaCie's IamaKey USB flash drive is slim, sturdy, and, most importantly, will stay on your key ring.

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TechRadar May 10, 2009

The prices, capacities and speeds are great. LaCie has produced a unique design that has us reaching for our wallet.

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TUAW Apr 12, 2009

It's been dropped multiple times, it's gotten soaked in the pocket of a pair of jeans I was wearing during a sudden downpour, and it's put up with winter cold while I've been out walking. iamaKey is rugged and fast, with up to 30 MB/s read rates and 10 MB/s write speeds.

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The Gadgeteer Mar 8, 2009

I think the LaCie key shaped USB drives are an idea that should have appeared a long time ago. Kudos to LaCie for creating them. Now, just bring out some higher capacity versions please.

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fourblades fourblades

Sadly mine became useless after 6 months when it just wasn't reading anymore. I assume it got too much static charge in my pocket after loosing the plastic cover at the tip. Still a very nice looking and functioning device when it was still operating.

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BryanHarig BryanHarig

I have owned a lot of USB drives. One of two things happened to every single one of them. One: they were to big or too rubbery to live comfortably in my pockets so I put them somewhere else and lost them. Or two, they broke because they were cheap plastic junk. The imaKey overcomes all...

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addyct addyct

Flash Drives have always been simultaneously one of the coolest and most dull gadgets on the planets. On one hand, it's amazing that we can carry all that information in such a little package. but on the other hand, theres not much sexy about a run-of-the-mill USB stick. The Lacie iamaKey...

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