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With the IdeaPad Y50, Lenovo has built a sturdy laptop offering good performance, but that isn't enough to keep serious gamers from passing on it due to a mediocre display.

On the outside, Computer Shopper says the Y50 resembles "its businesslike Lenovo siblings," with only the "a glowing red keyboard backlight and a slick, beveled lid" to tell you it's meant for something a little more fun. PC World finds it "attractively thin" and "incredibly small for a powerful gaming laptop," a perfect size for taking it on the go, though maybe not to competitions -- Wired finds the performance "largely uninspiring," though Laptop Magazine says you'll still "be able to play most titles at smooth frame rates" and Computer Shopper finds it offers "good gaming performance for the price" as well as "great battery life for its class."

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CNET Aug 14, 2014

With the Y50 Touch, Lenovo has created a reasonably priced, not-too-big gaming laptop that doesn't look like a throwback. But the most serious PC gamers may want to hold out for a better display and faster GPU.

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PC Mag Aug 18, 2014

The Lenovo Y50 Touch is a solid gaming laptop for the novice gamer who feels intimidated by all the customization offered by boutique PC manufacturers.

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PC World Aug 12, 2014

It’s a great choice if you’re looking for a portable gaming rig on a budget. Unfortunately, Lenovo compromised several key components—the keyboard, trackpad, and (most importantly) the display—in order to offer the Y50 at a mid-range price.

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Wired Jul 28, 2014

Lenovo is asking an awful lot from buyers for a system that isn’t going to please hardcore gamers and just doesn’t justify the price tag it requests from more mainstream users.

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Computer Shopper Aug 11, 2014

The successor to Lenovo's Y510p loses some flexibility with the loss of the Ultrabay, but the doubled battery life and good performance for the price more than compensate. We'd like to see a real SSD, though, and the display suffers from narrow viewing angles.

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About Jul 11, 2014

On the one hand you have some slightly less expensive laptops ... On the other hand, you have gaming focused options ... It seems that the Y50 Touch is designed as a middle ground between the two.

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First Looks

product preview
TechRadar Jan 14, 2014

The Y50 is said to last up to 4 hours all things considered, though I doubt you'll get that much playing games at 4K resolution... the keyboard needs some work and some sacrifices were made to get under an inch of thinness. Not to mention that many of its key features don't come standard.

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product preview
TechRadar Jan 14, 2014

The Y50 is said to last up to 4 hours all things considered, though I doubt you'll get that much playing games at 4K resolution. At any rate, the Lenovo Y50 is a sight for sore eyes – literally.

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BrainofJT BrainofJT

Overall, this thing is a beast. It can play almost any game on maxed settings and performs daily functions incredibly fast. You can't get anything better for the price, at least not new, which is why I gave this thing a 10/10 overall.

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theEDJ theEDJ

I love this laptop. For context, I'm coming from a 2009 Sony VAIO VGN-CS290, so consider this a major upgrade for me. DESIGN : The computer just looks awesome. The brushed metal design of the lid is sleek, but not garish if you're taking the computer into public. The soft touch, matte...

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