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  • Speed and features I7 CPU enough said great!
  • Design and form factor Sleek looking machine, just very finger print friendly good
  • Battery life Like any gaming laptop battery life is not great about 2~3hrs Even tho Lenovo says ~5hrs so-so
  • Display Very nice 1080p display great!
  • Durability Well Built great!
  • Expandability Ultrabay!!! It came with dual SLI NVIDIA video cards which i can swap for another fan, DVD-WR or HDD great!
  • Noise Very little noise from fans great!
  • Portability (size / weight) ~6lbs great!
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This Laptop is Amazing!!
Well built and for the price you can't go wrong.

Lets start with the CPU. You are getting an I7 Intel quad-core at 2.2ghz ( vs other models that are getting a slightly faster CPU 2.4ghz ) this one should consume a little less power making the laptop last longer.
The design is very modest and very finger print friendly.
You are getting 2x USB 3.0 and 1x USB 2.0 (which is always ON, even when the PC is OFF)
DUAL NVIDIA 750m on SLI which you can turn OFF one of them to save power or when doing not so demanding stuff (browsing, e-mail, listening to music, etc) nice feature to have.
The screen is 1080p and the speakers are JLB. You get the most of the speakers with the Home Theater 4.0 software which make them 50% louder. Comes with 1TB HDD and a 24GB SSD HDD and 16GB ram.
The keyboard has 3 tones for the backlit (OFF, low/medium and high) which is nice to have for when you are using it with your lights off.

Overall the laptop its well built but when it comes to SMALL details it falls short.
*There is no LED indicator for when the HDD it's moving
for me that was surprising, since that way i can check if there is something running in the backgroud
*No "function"+ key to turn ON/OFF the WIFI (most of the laptops used to come with this combo or a dedicated button for it.)

Like any gaming Laptop, when gaming very demanding games the laptop will get HOT specially on the left side of it. Nothing that will ruing your gaming session; also you have to keep in mind that if you want to play on MAX/HIGH settings its best to keep it plug.

The trackpad it's the only thing that i have found to not deliver, so if you planning on using it for gaming please try to use a USB one. Very poor design on that part.

This Laptop is about ~6lbs, which isn't that heavy and def when you compare it vs other laptops of this caliber.

The laptop doesn't come with a physical copy of Windows 8 and a few add on software from lenovo (nothing that you can't take off). Also the screen its not touchscreen, which in my opinion is not a deal breaker
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Actually the laptop does have dedicated keys for switchin the wifi on/off. It's fn+F5 (the airplane key). If it doesn't work it's probably because the energy management software is not installed. Download it from lenovo's website and the key should work.