September 11th 2013 8:40 am

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  • Speed and features No comments great!
  • Design and form factor only indicator light away from great. good
  • Battery life last night i was talking on skype for 1:40 hrs, and was at 70% of battery after. great!
  • Display No comments great!
  • Durability for accurate mark we will have to wait some time. good
  • Expandability No comments good
  • Noise No comments great!
  • Portability (size / weight) lightest mobile workstation ever great!
Detailed review
I bought this computer by chance. I am from Europe and I went to US to visit a relative. I aimed at buying a new computer (my HP 8730w was showing aging signs) and I wanted a Z-book.

Coming at the B&H store, they didn't have a z-book exactly at my preference, bet they showed me (on-screen only) the W540. I decided to risk it and bought it. It is an more-less entry level spec model.

After I took it out of the box, and having owned an Thinkpad before I was a little disappointed at start. What shook me additionally is looking for reviews and finding all the negative ones all around. But heck, I got it and I didn't wanna go back.

After several weeks I am really happy with it. I love to have a numpad, offset keybord is a no-issue for me. All desktop keyboards are offset, aren't they? This is just a thing of getting used to.

Missing HDD light and Caps and Numpad indicators is a flaw, but really a minor one. Now I know they are not there and I don't look any more.

To all of you, use settings to set up the touchpad to your preference. It's actually pretty good when you start to use all new multi-gesture tricks.

Using of top row keys (F-keys) as special keys for volume control and similar actions works excellent, I love it. I don't use F keys a lot anyways so pressing Fn to get them is OK for me.

And now to the best part. Case finish is better then on old Thinkpads, it doesn't get shiny from touching, it is lightning fast, it doesn't get really hot, it is very silent and it is amazingly light for a workstation.

It's not without a flaw, but having so many hatred about it I just cannot understand. I guess it comes from devoted Thinkpad followers who don't approve new design direction by Lenovo.