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dotEvan dotEvan

I enjoyed having this phone. The keyboard was easy to type on. The dual mode vertical clamshell was a nice form factor, if a bit bulky. The phone was durable and lasted quite a while.

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7imkim 7imkim

Pros: Lengthy battery performance, tough construction survives clumsy owner, great reception. The QWERTY keyboard is much quicker than a touchscreen interface. Big buttons on the outside. Cons: Bulky. Almost same size as a cordless home phone. The headphone jack is too small for standard...

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whiteradam whiteradam

Phone: The call quality is on par with a cell phone. The mic picks up well, and the ear piece has ample volume. The speaker phone is on the weak side. Screens: The outside screen is tiny, even for a two year old phone. The inside screen is a decent side. Keyboards: The outside keyboard is...

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thekingismyidol thekingismyidol

I was overall satisfied with the phone. Did what I needed it to and had the best camera in comparison to all my friends camera phones. Great keyboard and interesting form factor.

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lucasban lucasban

Good: This phone has a good build quality, an easy to use keyboard for texting, doesn't drop calls on me, still holds it's charge, a good vibrate so that I don't have to use ringtones, and it is easily entered via bluetooth for file transfers, the speakerphone functions very well,...

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kangalex kangalex

This was hands-down, the greatest phone I've ever owned. Because of this phone, and the ease of the User Interface, I have been using only LG phones. This phone had everything I (teenager) could ever need back in high-school. Full QWERT keyboard for texting maniacs like myself. 2MP...

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Promodog Promodog

I once saw LG brand as the "cheap" choice in years past, but the enV proved otherwise in my experience. The phone handled my not-so-easy day to day use for years. Not only was it a solid phone, but the simple, reliable (basic) OS worked without flaw and responded robustly. I know that...

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bryanm935 bryanm935

I've put this phone through phone hell probably and it's still working after 2 solid years. Dropped it a bunch of times, ran over it once or twice, even got mad and chucked it at a wall and it still worked. A few problems here and there but 95% of the time it works (5% is probably from...

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Cam Cam

The camera is great, best I've had in a phone. The keypad is nice, and easy to use. The software is a bit out of date, but hey, it's a 2 year old phone. Now the battery. I have to plug it in as soon as I get back from school, having unplugged it right before leaving. That's about 7...

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cjm2576 cjm2576

It's a solid messaging phone with decent features. I'd rate it a solid 8 or 9 if it weren't for the fact I had mine replaced 3 times in the 1st year. 1st one worked for close to 6 months and then just wouldn't turn on anymore. Loaded the Verizon screen and shut off. 2nd...

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