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  • Reception and call quality Calls sound crystal clear on both ends. great!
  • Display Beautiful HD display with radiant colors and clarity great!
  • Battery life Battery lasts all day and into the night. great!
  • Camera Camera takes great pictures. good
  • Ease of use Many customizable options good
  • Design and form factor Still getting used to the rear button placement. good
  • Portability (size / weight) Great size, but getting used to it. good
  • Media support Plays whatever I can throw at it. great!
  • Durability Made of plastic, like most other phones. good
  • Ecosystem (apps, accessories, etc.) Most everything I need on Google Play. good
Detailed review
I have now had the G2 for a week. I moved from an iPhone 4s and this is my first android phone. I love the iPhone and Apple's ecosystem, but I was ready for something different and this year's iPhone announce underwhelmed me.
The G2 has an impressive spec list. If you are online reading this, you can read the specs for it elsewhere. As for my user experience, I am very impressed so far. The display is gorgeous with crisp details and great clarity. The UI is fast and smooth. I have yet to experience any lag or problem. For the price, the 32GB storage is really good. The user gets about 22GB of that to use. There is no removable battery or sd storage, but the 32GB will be enough for me.
Pros: The "Knock On" feature works really well and offsets the rear placement of the buttons. I almost never need to reach around for the buttons. In a call and taking pictures is when I really appreciate the rear buttons. Text is crisp and clear for reading. The size is really good for web surfing and reading blogs. Call quality is great and data speeds are nice and fast.
Cons: Glossy plastic exterior is a smudge magnet. Impossible to keep clean. Fortunately a case takes care of that. Also, there are few accessories to chose from at this time. The biggest drawback lies in all the software bloat provided by Verizon. Oh, and those things cannot be removed.
Overall, I am very happy with the phone and recommend it to anyone. I'm glad I bought it.

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I have to disagree, I hate this phone like I can't even describe... but tried to, in my review.

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