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by dave

How do you manage the mobile data crunch?
Recently, I started taking a more serious look at how much mobile data I've been using. My Verizon plan provided me with 4GB of data per month (plus allowed me to use a mobile hotspot).
After looking at how I've been using my data, I've used more than **2GB** exactly once in the last year: ~3.2GB for December. Well, enough throwing away money!
So, I dropped down to the lowest tier (2GB / month, no mobile hotspot). Go figure, the moment I do this, I start to run into... Read more →

by frankspin

Will we ever see cheaper phones?
OnePlus finally took the covers off their One phone (I don't get the name either) and it's pretty impressive. It has the specs to stand against some of the top flagships out there and comes in at $300, which is about half the price of major flagships. The two potential downsides are the battery is not removable, and it only has 16GB of storage with no microSD slot. However for only $50 more you can get 64GB of storage instead.
The phone... Read more →

by immatryitout

wait for iPhone 6 or go with upcoming flagship Android?
it seems that every year myself and most of the globe gets stuck with the question, "Should I Wait???!". ive had the 1st gen, 3gS, 4, 4s, and now I have iphone 5 and am up to my knees in the apple ecosystem, and its literally no diff except how pretty its looks now with ios7 -_-.... but every time im relaxed listening to pandora and i want to make sure to tweak my station perfectly song 4 song and its like K CAN I PLEASE LIKE A PANDORA SONG WITHOUT UNLOCKING MY PHONE, OPENING THE APP, X-ing OUT... Read more →

by Sushubh

How much storage space on the Nexus 5 can be used for apps?
I ask this because I am in an argument with a friend who claims that 1.5GB app storage is enough on a phone (Micromax Canvas Knight).
Basically, Canvas Knight is a 32GB phone. Specifications however mention that 1.5GB of the space is available for apps and around 25GB for media.
I have a Nexus 5 and the phone shows that I have consumed nearly 2GB space for apps.
My question.
Can I use the entire storage space on my... Read more →

by frankspin

What are your favorite alternatives to Android's default apps?
One of the strongest features with Android is the ability to set third party apps to be the default app of choice for certain actions. Don't like using Hangouts? Install Textra and you're good to go. Need more features from your camera? Don't worry because CameraZoomFX has loads more.
Today on Engadget we offered up some of the best alternatives to default apps... Read more →

by frankspin

How do you handle tracking your daily routines and journaling?
Something that I have been trying to get into more is logging daily activities, work related duties, photos and just general journaling. This has become far easier thanks to smartphones and there is no shortage of tools to make this possible. I have a few different ones that I use to accomplish specific tasks, but I'm always open to hear how other people go about handling their daily journaling.
  • Daily Journal - I can't speak highly enough of DayOne and everything it...
Read more →

by adjacency

Possible Verizon Nexus 5
The team behind Field trip is at Google. On this post on their G+ page I noticed that the Nexus 5 in the picture has a 4G LTE indicator in its statusbar that's only found on Verizon phones. With the Nexus 7 now available on Verizon this could be evidence the N5 is on its way too. https://plus.google.com/112037021176201752867/post...

by ilovemy911

Google Drive .GIF Issues
I recently purchased a Nexus 5 and, for some reason, .GIF files will not animate via the Google Drive application. Oddly enough, they work just fine if I access my drive from within Chrome. Whenever I try to view .GIFs, I get an "animated image could not be loaded" error.
I have tried clearing the cache and the app data and I have tried both the updated and non-updated version of the app.
Despite a thorough search of the good, old interwebs, I haven't encountered anything concerning this issue....

by DaBash

What was the first product you used in 2014?
Happy New Years everyone!

As 2014 begins, it's fun (at least to me) to learn what was the first piece of technology we interacted with to begin the year. Was it your alarm clock? Smart phone? Perhaps, even your pager?

The first product I used to start the year was my Nexus 5. It is always next to me when I wake up and I always use it to check for any notifications I may have missed while I was asleep.

What was the first product you used to start the year?

by sen619

Audio quality Tests & Comparisons - II !
I saw an article here @endgadet about the audio quality of different cellphones...it was a great article and I being an audio enthusiast really appreciated that...that test was taken about a year ago...and now, there are many new devices that claim and are worth checking if you're an audiophile so as the audio quality is your only concern nothing else....like for eg. HTC One & One Max, Sony Xperia Z & Z1, Nokia Lumia 1020, 1520 & Lumia 925, Apple iPhone 5S & iphone 5C, Samsung... Read more →

by DaBash

Which SMS app are you using to replace Hangouts?
I just got my Nexus 5 and I did not like the idea of having my hangout conversations being mixed with my text messages. I'm sure many of you feel the same way. So I decided to download an alternative SMS app and I believe the 8sms is the best app out there right now. It looks just like the original stock messaging app.

Here's the link to 8sms: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thinkleft.eightyeightsms.mms

Which SMS app are you guys using to replace Google Hangouts?

by frankspin

Could you live without Google products?
After Google shutdown reader, and with their bigger push of Google+, I'm noticing blog posts popping up a bit more with people moving away from Google services. Aside from the companies history of just axing products, the issue appears to be users are becoming uncomfortable with Google's changes that affect products across the entire web -- not to mention the sweeping change to Gmail, IMAP, XMPP is leaving some people unhappy.
I was trying to think about how difficult it would be to make this... Read more →

by undulose

Similarity between iPhone 5S and Nexus 5
Despite of the price tag, material of body, difference in processor computing type and degree of openness system, I noticed that Nexus phones and iPhones have a lot in common. I'll list those features that I'd observed:

1) Non-removable batteries
2) Non-expandable storage
3) 8 MP cameras enhanced by software
4) Timely OS updates
5) Plain but solid and compact built

What are your thoughts about these? Does these features make the best phone for the average user?

by LeninTejada

Moto X or Nexus 5
So I can't decide between these two great phones. I currently have an iPhone and I'm making the switch to android. I like specs but I also want great features. On one hand I like the Nexus 5 because its pure android and its guaranteed to get the latest version of android whenever its avialable. But on the other the Moto X caught my attention with Active display and voiceless controls. Can you guys give me your opinion on which one I should consider?

by sofica

CamSpeed, Camera Speed Comparison (Iphone 5s, Galaxy S4, Lumia 1020..)
Here is a result snapshot of the CamSpeed database comparing some of the most popular smartphones currently available.
List contains average measurements of the listed models in normal light conditions.
As you can see Oppo Find5 is a lot faster to take the first picture than Lumia 1020. Those 38MP have their cost, but on the other hand Sony Xperia Z1(C6903) with its 20MP camera is still pretty fast.
Another interesting thing is... Read more →

by TgD

Wireless Charging: Is it worth it yet?
Ever since the Nexus 4, and early Nokia Lumia's were announced, I was somewhat excited by wireless charging. This was the future. I wanted to have this functionality.
Over a year later, I own a nexus 4 and still plug in a cable every night. In my opinion I still don't think wireless charging is at the place I want it to be. Here is why:
1. You have to find one that will work well for your phone
I know Qi charging is rapidly becoming the best standard in wireless charging, but a lot of the wireless... Read more →