September 24th 2012 8:16 am


The LG TONE+ offers enhanced audio quality with a number of improvements over its predecessor. Thanks to a clever Bluetooth Multi-connection function, the LG Tone+ can be instantly connected to two smartphones or to smartphone and other multimedia device. The Audible Pairing Assistance feature reveals the connection status when another device is connected, while Vibrating Call Alert notifies the user of incoming calls. The talk and standby times of the LG TONE+ have been extended to 15 and 500 hours, respectively.

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virginiagirl27 virginiagirl27

When LG asked me to review its new stereo headset I was not sure that this one would be any different than the Tone I already use.. so I tried it not expecting to be really blown away. Well, I’ve been using the LG Tone+ for several weeks now and I love it! Again since I owned and used the...

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thehoneybadger thehoneybadger

In general though I love the headset! I wasn't sure I'd like the form factor of having something on your neck, but I think it's actually more comfortable than having it on your head (the weight of the electronics are basically stationary rather than swiveling about with your head)....

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Springinc Springinc

I received the LG Tone+ 730 for free & was asked to test it. Let me tell you that this new & improved Bluetooth device is the perfect gift idea. The LG Tone+ offers better bass, 15 hours of talk time, less noise, & continuous music playback. It is so comfortable & convenient you...

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jjcgdgt jjcgdgt

Great sound quality you will be impressed. Bass is absolutely punching with ever beat you found yourself holding on to your seat. These two small ear buds had some studio quality performance seriously wasn’t expecting much. Call quality was just the same very clear no static noise or skip in...

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DanielGlz DanielGlz

After testing several bluetooth headsets in a span of three, four years, I believed my search for the perfect set for me was finally over. The HBS-730 is comfortable and very fuctional, can be paired to two handsets and has great looks. Unfortunatelly, after I paired this marvellous gadget to my...

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