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Libratone has a knack for designing stylish speakers that sound pretty good; it also has a knack for charging enough to burn a serious hole in your wallet. Most speakers are rectangular and bland, but not the Loop -- the circular design "might not mesh with everyone," but TechCrunch says it's an "object of art itself." The Loop is also small and light enough to easily "stand up or to mount on a wall," according to Wired. Given its size you shouldn't expect audiophile quality, but Pocket-Lint was happy to report "it's powerful, rich and rather lovely at the right volumes." The Loop has the right design, size and sound but the wrong cost -- with a price tag of $500, it's a hard purchase to justify for most consumers.

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TechCrunch Jan 20, 2014

Libratone is essentially a boutique shop specializing in AirPlay sound, and it shows, so you can’t go wrong with their lineup, and the Loop fits nicely price wise in a gap between its Zipp and Live range of devices.

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PC Mag Feb 14, 2014

The Libratone Loop is an attractive-looking AirPlay speaker, but at $500 it needs to do more than just look pretty, and it just doesn't sound as good as it should.

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Wired Dec 17, 2013

For buyers who have the music and audio palate to benefit from AirPlay and Libratone’s engineering, this is a seductive package, but it’s not the only competent and pretty speaker.

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Pocket-Lint Dec 20, 2013

The more we mulled it over and the more audio we listened to, the happier we became. The Libratone Loop is a tidy, attractive audio product that does things a little bit differently and yet still sounds top quality. We’ll take that.

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AppleInsider Dec 20, 2013

Overall, Loop is an outstanding performer for those who enjoy bright, clear sound. The only thing holding it back from being a top selection is its high price. But if you have the means, Loop is definitely worth a look.

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TrustedReviews Oct 8, 2013

The Libratone Loop is a lifestyle speaker that will look and sound good in a lounge. However, its inability to deliver music distortion-free at high volumes mean it's sadly not the perfect hi-fi-replacer – close as it might get.

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Digital Trends Dec 28, 2013

The Loop’s design makes it a pleasant aesthetic addition to the modern home, but its sharp upper register and flat midrange put it far from the kind of eloquent and balanced sound we expect in a hi-fi device.

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GigaOM Oct 1, 2013

Libratone’s speakers are just as focused on design as they are on sound. The Loop’s design is pure Danish modern, which makes it a perfect fit for any Mad Men-meets-the-future interior design scheme.

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